How to Accept Criticism with Grace and Appreciation


Here’s how protect yourself from the trolls of the internet. And keep your sanity.

Why We Need Complicated Stories


“My generation is too focused on easy stories: vituperative takedowns, lists of .gifs, and flippant blog posts,” writes seminarian N.C. Harrison.

When Does Sharing Become Oversharing?

photo by javajunki

In a culture where oversharing is de rigueur, Patrick Brothwell finds that blogging while remaining authentic and not crossing boundaries is becoming increasingly difficult.

Out of the Cradle


The gifts from one’s parents include passions and observations that communicate—and finally become—character and identity.

Look At My Pocket Square! Surviving the Scary World of Men’s Style Blogs


When the menswear blogosphere sucks this much, what’s a guy to do?

Trust Me, I’m Lying: Interview With Ryan Holiday


Media guru Ryan Holiday exploits the chinks inherent in the armor of the news-gathering process, and the fourth estate fights back. Chuck Ross interviews a self-admitted media manipulator.

How to Build a Community: The Difference Between 10,000 Strangers and 10,000 Engaged Activists.

photo by jorislouwes

Lisa Hickey offers six ways to think about community building, and 16 ways to start building.

Guestpost #27: Tristan Banning – Ten things I’ve learned from blogging

photo by Mike Licht NotionsCapital

#10 Always be honest. Always.

Accelerating Serendipity

photo by sensechange

A re-cap of today’s call with the evangelists: what is going on at the Good Men Project and why it’s important.

The Good Men Project Combines Forces with Other Top Blogs About Men

Photo by kheelcenter

The Good Men Project joins with “No Seriously, What About Teh Menz” and other blogs that are seriously (or amusingly) about, by and for men.

His Black Dress

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In a world where social perceptions severely limit what we constitutes men’s fashion, Danny shows us one man who has become a saboteur.

10 Things I’ve Learned From Being Neurotic

Screen shot 2012-03-02 at 9.04.28 PM

Josh Bowman has learned a lot from his neuroses.

Social Media: The Temptress

social media

Megan Rosker wants us to be careful not to treat social media as the entirety of human interaction.

On The Road Again: Spinning the Wheels on Marriage

Photo by jonrawlinson

With her marriage sputtering, Delani Miller drives cross-country in an attempt to figure out if there’s anything worth saving.

Sundry Awesome Posts

Hat tips to Tenya, MinervaB and Jose to pointing us to these great posts. Trigger warning for description of domestic violence and discussion of body issues. From Fathers and Families, a post on the rise of the single father: But two things suggest to me that the rise in single fathers shouldn’t cause the same […]

Censorship and free speech in the blog world

Just to get this out there clearly and openly, “free speech” (in the US, and not everyone reading or posting is from the US) refers to the tenet that the government cannot censor your speech or forbid you from speaking your opinion in public.  You can criticize the President, write about your views on the […]