BB King was Great Because He Played Out of Tune

bb king

There are those who believed that BB King wasn’t the world’s greatest guitar player, including the man himself.

Johnny Winter and the 1960’s Blues Resurgence

johnny winters AP

A tribute to Johnny Winter by Mark Ellis.

Betting Man

Betting Man Todd Mauldin

Good Men Project resident bluesman Todd Mauldin explains the value of $1 bets.

Rock Salt Blues

jack rabbit

“I was almost killed by men with shotguns, on a raft, down a river.” Sounds like the start of a blues song to us.

Blues Philosophy

Blues philosphy

Fifteen places where life and blues collide, according to blues philosopher Todd Mauldin.

Music Paradise or When the Blues Man Overstays his Visit


Riffing on classic Biblical stories, Elvis Alves gives us music, rivalry, sex, and the devil…everything you need for a good blues song.

Gregory Porter Drops Third Jazz Album

Gregory Porter

Jazz singer Gregory Porter is selling out concerts from Vienna to Cape Town.

33 Albums You Should Listen to Before You Die


Music you don’t have on your iPod … yet. Steve Jaeger’s got bold taste in movies, and albums, too.

Why I Blow-dry My Son’s Hair

Why I blow dry My Sons Hair

Starring resident bluesman Todd Mauldin and his son.

Full Blast: G. Bruce Boyer & Rev. Gary Davis


The recorded music of the late Reverend Gary Davis, an itinerant, blind street musician of the Jazz era, “simply sears my heart,” says G. Bruce Boyer.

Levon Helm (1940-2012): “The sun’s gonna shine/ Through the shadows/ When I go away”


Legendary R&R drummer and singer Levon Helm is gone. Jesse Kornbluth reflects on the man behind The Band.

A Blues Philosophy for Fatherhood


GMP Resident Bluesman Todd Mauldin explains why he blow-dries his son’s hair.

A Good Man Sings the Blue at a Brothel (Not Once But Twice)


The Mustang Ranch liked Todd and the boys’ video so much they asked him back.

Sin Responsibly


Todd Mauldin plays the blues at the Mustang Ranch in Nevada. Here is his take on the experience: “Bikers, Whores, Bluesmen and Sinning Responsibly” — video and all.

Ten things I've learned from New York City neighbourhoods

Note 1: I still have many guestposts to publish, which I will do over the next couple of weeks. There are still some amazing entries, and they keep coming in (and please, keep sending me stuff). I’ve been blown away by the thought, honesty, humour, and energy that was put into these entries, and by […]

Ten things I've learned from the blues

The pentatonic scale can fake you through a lot of solos, and make you sound a lot better than you are to the untrained ear. Every day but Saturday can give you the blues. Saturday gives you the blues by Sunday morning. A woman can really break a man down. And a ramblin’ man can […]