Music Is This Writer’s Constant Companion

Author Jay Cradeur shares his love of music and it’s influence on the creative process.

God Orders Us To Kill the Infidels

“Oh my name it is nothin’ / My age it means less / The country I come from / Is called the Midwest / I’s taught and brought up there / The laws to abide / And that land that I live in / Has God on its side.” — Bob Dylan

My “Career” as a Rock Star

Aaron W. Voyles reflects on how commitment created opportunities for what he loves.

What’s Your Favourite WTF(!) Cover Song?

Sometimes–when the alchemy is just right–an artist you would NEVER expect can take an old classic and turn it into something utterly sublime.

Questioning Dominant Group Privilege

A call in for Christians, and all dominant groups to check their privilege and ensure equity among people of all social identities.

Take a Tour Through Tom Waits’s World With This Interactive Map

Tom Waits doesn’t just write songs. He tells stories—of vagrants, orphans, tramps, and brawlers—with scenes so vivid you can almost smell the stench of scotch and cigarettes in the room.

And the Student Said Unto Me: “Jesus Will Save You From Your Homosexual Feelings.”

Dr. Warren Blumenfeld on the intersection of war, religion, homophobia and the “ultimate truth.”

Learning To Be Alone Again

After ten years of marriage, Nathan Graziano is finding being alone a different challenge from his old single days.

YOU MUST CHOOSE! Holiday Album Edition Part One–Boney M or Bob Dylan?

For all the remaining holiday seasons every time you hear music it will either be from Boney M.’s “Christmas with Boney M.” or Bob Dylan’s “Christmas in the Heart”. You cannot stop listening to music. YOU MUST CHOOSE!

In Paris, A Bohemian Love at First Sight

Queue the squeezebox and pop the champagne. This story of courtship gives us a reason to believe in mature romance.

The Good Men Playlist: John Anderson – 30 Years of Swingin’

Rob Joyner introduces you to a country legend.

Bob Dylan’s Surprise Viral Hit

Dylan’s 50 year old hit wins the internet.

Four Vital Lessons That We Need to Teach Young Men

Brendan Malone wants to help fix the ‘Rōnin’ generation – young men who lack a sense of direction and purpose because of the loss of authentic masculine identity. Here’s how.

Empty Chairs Video a Backward Vision of the American Dream

Indie band’s “GTMO” single tells tale from Guantamo inmate’s point of view.

Brat’s Last Things

“This was two months before he left his family. Arthur can’t tell you exactly what he did on that birthday, only that it left a taste of fatty pizza and cheap plastic in his mouth, that it involved a giant singing rodent, and that it was important to him.” Weekend Fiction By Delaney Nolan

The New ‘New Dylans’: Musical Storytellers for Modern Times

Here are four of the finest narrators who still use song as a medium—raconteurs capturing distinctly modern stories.