How to Keep the Guy Who’s Perfect for You

In less than 10 sentences, Bob Marley nails it with this powerful quote.

Lessons from a Broken Heart

The silver lining for men of having our hearts broken.

Sing it! Belt It Out Loud And Proud!

Shawn Henfling isn’t ashamed to sing anywhere. Are you?

The Circle of Judgement

Bob Marley’s Judge Not makes the circle all too clear.

How to Love Courageously: 4 Lessons for Men

Tom Grasso figured out how to be happy in love. And it took ending a miserable marriage to get there.

Butcher Knives’ Debut Album A Must Listen

The New York band’s diverse backgrounds blend into a tasty musical stew.

“No Woman, No Drive” – The Power of Humor to Affect Social Change

With just one funny YouTube video, Hisham Fageeh has made a difference in more than one way.

Butcher Knives a Joyous Romp Through Music Genres

They call it Gypsybilly. I call it awesome.

The Good Men Playlist: The 50 Minute Indoor Workout

Cyclist David Stanley with a playlist to beat the cold.

Police and COPS: The Vasectomy Files 7

Jonathan Stack’s scary—but funny—experience with being nearly arrested in Guinea leads to a revelation.

The Story of a Reluctant Activist

Geoffrey Philp is a political activist who is dedicated to exonerating Marcus Garvey. Here’s his story.

Man Up! Lessons on Manhood from Bob Marley’s Music

Bob Marley’s lessons for men on freedom, responsibility, and living are greater and more profound than simply telling our boys to ‘man up,’ says Geoffrey Philp.

#musicmonday: dothraki are not known for their punctuality [free MP3 downloads]

There’s nothing like free stuff, it’s simply … awesome. Get yourself a taste now.

24 Thoughts on Happiness and Art by Ron Cowie

I’ve been writing my thoughts down in list form because I realize we’re all busy people. I’m sober and listening to Bob Marley while I type.

Respect: Happy Birthday Bob Marley [1945-1981]

Today the reggae legend would have been 67. We respect his work and his legacy.

Stop Barking and Start Working

Andrew D. S. James is glad we are having civil discourse on such issues as race. But he’d also like us to take some action.