7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Never Be Forced to Hug Anyone (Even Relatives!)

Do you really want to teach your children they don’t have control over their own bodies?

Manchester Baby Boy Bleeds To Death After Circumcision

Why do we continue to circumcise children?

Circumcision News Roundup

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that the health benefits of circumcision outweigh the concerns. Okay, let’s take that as proven: that the slight reduction in the rate of UTIs and HIV manages to outweigh the risk of botched circumcision, but only slightly. There is, in fact, no scientific evidence that circumcision reduces sexual pleasure. […]

On Intersex Surgery

Commenting note: this is about intersex surgery. This is not about male or female circumcision. Please keep your comments to the topic of intersex surgery.  We talk a lot about female and male genital circumcision, but a topic that is sadly undercovered, in my experience, is the surgery performed on children with intersex genitalia. An […]

Germany: Circumcision is “Bodily Harm”

(Hey, guys, today is National HIV Testing Day! If you’re sexually active outside of a long-term relationship that you’re certain is monogamous, you should get tested for STIs regularly. If you’re in the US, you can find a testing site here. Nagging over.) A German court has declared that penile circumcision for religious reasons is […]

Intersex and Gender Surgery

Some interesting debate has been going on in the circumcision post about genital surgery on children. Therefore, I felt it was time to bring up one of the most important and overlooked issues about children and genital surgery. The intersex. An intersex person was born with anatomy that doesn’t match the ordinary definitions of female […]