How Can You Protect Your Children from Commercials?

How Can I Protect My Children from Commercials?

Dr. Deborah Gilboa suggests strategies for how parents can talk to their kids about the unrealistic and often inappropriate messages that can be found in modern commercials.

Skinny Dudes and Big Boys: Stigmatizing Men’s Bodies

men copy

Dillan DiGiovanni explores the impact of stigmatizing mens’ bodies.

How My Partner’s Transition Gave Me a Schlubby Ape-Man Complex

What does she see?

When Jason Rozek’s partner began to transition genders, he become acutely aware of things he might never have considered before.

Male Beauty In Art


A charming blog explores the diverse expression of how cute men are.

#YouCantBreakMe: These Bullying Victims Prove You Have To Go Through It To Get Through It (Video)


Many ‘beautiful’ people have battled through ugly pasts. In this video, you’ll see their testimonies.

Why I’ve Given Up Hooking Up

obligatory selfies

Tired of being driven by an addiction driven by doubt and insecurity, Lester Brathwaite is giving up hooking up.

A Letter to the Woman Walking Her Dog in My Neighborhood

A Letter to the Woman Walking Her Dog in My Neighborhood

A young woman out with her dog inspires Jeff Bogle to think about female body image, wet hair, and his hopes and dreams for his daughters

What’s In a Name: When Brothers Bully


Our stereotypical image of a bully is an outsider, a stranger, a mean kid at school. But that wasn’t Jonathan Curelop’s experience.

“I find chemistry to be a bigger definer of attraction…than what society has told me I should like in a man.”


This comment by Erin on the post 3 Reasons Why Women Don’t Know They Are Beautiful

3 Reasons Why Women Don’t Know They Are Beautiful


Many women these days have never been told nor shown that they are beautiful. Here’s why.

Are Gay Men the New Face of Body Dysmorphia?

Even the man in the field wants to be "ideal".

Ryan Shea looks at the pressure gay men are under to conform to body standards, and the toll this is taking on them.

My Photoshopped Reality

1-photoshop-Daniel Drak-GMP

Lena Dunham, Photoshop and how unrealistic beauty standards affect men too.

“Just wanting lots of sex with multiple partners does not make you shallow or immature.”

healthy sex

This comment by Steve on the post “Confidence Is Sexy.” This is the Kind of Woman that Real Men Love. A Confident One.

When Your Mojo’s Gone

The author. When he had his Mojo.

Simms Jr. had sex appeal. He thought. But it hasn’t seemed that way, recently. Here, he examines the disappearance of his mojo.

Men and Body Image: Reconciling Fantasy With Reality

marriage, body issues, body image, male body image,

A reflection on how poor body image can affect men and their partners.

“Degrading other people’s moral character because they don’t hit the gym 6 days a week and leave/breathe/eat fitness is just plain sad.”


This comment by Vahagn on the post The 6 Most Shockingly Irresponsible “Fitspiration” Photos