What We Can Learn from the Author of My Thinning Years


Jon Croteau’s memoir, “My Thinning Years: Starving the Gay Within”, goes beyond the story of a man who overcame an abusive father to reveal a reality about men that is barely acknowledged, and the will that it takes to move beyond your past.

Sizing Up Men’s Body Image

male body image

David Reitan realizes that evaluating your body’s worth against that of a total stranger is a silly, unproductive thing to do. Yet he does it anyway—along with a lot of other men.

Judging Women by Their Looks is Limiting

judging limiting

What’s the first thing people think when they see a man on the street? What about a woman?

My Thinning Years: Starving the Gay Within


On the day of my mother’s funeral, my father had quadruple bypass surgery. It was an odd blessing for my siblings and me.

Struggling with “Twink” Envy

twink envy  Guillaume Paumier

As a young gay man, Glenn Garner struggled with the unrealistic body ideals that pop culture, gay and straight, said were “right” for guys like him.

Where is the “96 Bodies You Won’t See On Billboards” for Men?

man mirror sami 96

A lot of progress has been made in the body image movement for women. Sami Jankins wonders why this hasn’t been extended to include men.

Did You Miss These Style Tips?

image granted packing suit

Take a look at our video series from Image Granted. You might learn something new!

How To Talk To Your Son About His Body

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 10.53.20 PM

Eating disorders are on the rise in teenage boys, and parents need to rethink how we talk to our boys about their bodies. Anne Theriault offers 24 helpful ideas.

9 Grooming Issues You Think People Don’t Notice

grooming gail frederick

Your might notice these things about other people, but what about on yourself?

‘Real Men’ Have Working Hearts

real men 2

You’ve seen the viral photos of “real men” in their underwear. Tony Posnanski thinks defining any man as “real” does more harm than good.

Thin Is In: The Real Problem with Adam Richman’s Rant

richman copy

Dillan DiGiovanni thinks more people should focus on being healthy vs being thin

Dude, Eat Carbs While You’re Out: The Struggle for Body Confidence


Nicolas DiDomizio explores themes of body image, weight loss, and the specific challenge that comes with having to navigate our anti-fat society as a gay man.

Who Is Over Skinny Jeans As Much As I Am?

skinny-jeans-Lions Tigers Bears

Dillan DiGiovanni thinks all bodies are beautiful. And skinny jeans need to go.

Buff-Baby-Daddy Boot Camp: Empowering Expectant Fathers in a World Without Sabre-Toothed Tigers

Buff-Baby-Daddy Boot Camp

Robert Lore was in awe of the physical exertion he watched his wife endure every day during her pregnancy, so he embarked on his own fitness challenge to prepare his mind and body for becoming a dad.

‘Dead Men Can’t Catcall’

Smantha Peterson

Samantha Peterson: “A body like mine can only be described in metaphors.”

Life Changing Moment: Staring Down the Man in the Mirror

self-image, weight,

I studied my amorphous twenty-five year-old self and said, “Enough is enough.”