Sounding Off on “The Dad Bod”

A popular V-Blogger sounds off on the concept of the “dad bod.” He has a point. Sort of.

Task 2: It’s Your Body Dude, Time To Own It

Joe Doe wants you to start the year off by seeing what you really are. Look at yourself in the mirror. —   “What an ugly beast is the ape, and how like us.” Cicero (106–43B.C) To see yourself as you are, you must see yourself as you really are. There’s nothing worse than looking […]

Manorexia: Guys Have Body Issues Too

Many men struggle with eating disorders and hate looking in the mirror. Others feel pressured to have the perfect body.

See Yourself As She Sees You: Real Is Sexy

Sami Jankins discusses male body image and how Hollywood perfection is overrated.

I Won’t Be Your Fantasy or Sex Toy

To the men who think women are here for your personal pleasure—they’re not. — Women are beautiful. It can be flattering to be noticed and appreciated by men, and even other women. All women to some extent want to be desired. We want to feel noticed. We want to be seen. We want to feel […]

Accept Your Body! A Realistic Fit 2.0 Gets Moving

Body acceptance is the first step to taking better care of your body—while looking out for your mental and emotional health. Alison Tedford takes to the bells.   — Michele Burmaster is the owner of Surf City Fit Club, so she is no stranger to people coming to her, asking for advice on how to […]

Not Your Typical Underwear Models

Bronzer? Six-packs? Hair waving in the fake breeze? Nope. None of those here.

Men (Yes, Men) Talk About Self-Esteem and Body Image

A group of men open up about the impossible standards of masculinity imposed by the media.

In Defense of My Slutty Halloween Costume

Olivia Joyce believes that woman should have the choice of whether to show off their body or not. What do you think?

When are You Going to Cut Your Hair?

I’ll cut my hair when the hair when the war is over

Body Talk: What Vitiligo Has Taught Me About Empathy

Sometimes, accepting your body is really hard.

6 Ways Parents Can Improve Their Daughter’s Poor Body Image

Girls can grow up loving or hating their bodies. It’s up to us as parents to help them love themselves.

A Dad Reacts to School Pictures of the Future: Photoshop option!?

Already skeptical about the need for annual class pictures in a modern world, Brian Gawlak reacts to the new ‘photoshop’ option.

I’m a Man With ‘Dad Bod’ and it Feels Great! Where’s the Love for ‘Mom Bod’?

After embracing the ‘Dad Bod’ craze and how it made him feel, Scotty Schrier explores the importance and necessity of a ‘Mom Bod’ craze.

Do Men Care About Women’s Wrinkles?

Those lines around women’s eyes? The men August McLaughlin interviewed said, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

The Sexual Wavelength: Finding Balance in Your Relationship

Sex. That three-letter word holds so much and can be so powerful. Tracee Dunblazier knows this and offers her help in finding balance in your relationship.