The Two Things Every Good Man Needs

“We’re the middle children of history. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our great war is a spiritual war. Our great depression is our lives.” – Fight Club.

The Simple Way A Man Let Go And Found Himself

His internal dam has been broken up, but it still stands within him. How does Jonathan Delavan break through the rest?

Reconnecting with My Senses as a Man

Sometimes it takes a big-ass concert to reconnect with a part of you that was lost, even if that lost part is your “birthday suit”.

Can Short and Thick Feel Sexy to a Man?

Struggling with body images? Cole Altuzarra has some encouraging words for men.

Body Talk

Am I glorifying thin-ness; the hot bod I had in my teens and twenties? I tell myself that this five and half decades old body has absorbed love and adoration that the itsy bitsy one could only dream of. It has survived injuries and illness for which I am grateful. It has offered and received pleasure and anticipates more of same.

I’m Transgender and I Need Body Positivity, Too

On my worst days? I can’t leave my apartment. I ugly cry like there’s no tomorrow. And there’s a crushing weight on my chest, making it difficult to breathe, let alone function like the adult I’m supposed to be.

On Being a ‘Beautiful Boy’

There is a difference between being a beautiful boy and a handsome man. I discovered this when men would tell me as they dressed that they liked being with me, that sleeping with me felt like sleeping with a woman. Being told I was a beautiful boy was like suddenly becoming a famous child star, but knowing that your moment in the spotlight is fading fast.

A Man’s Sexual Insecurities

Size and performance are always on a man’s mind, but here’s what women are really looking for.  — “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing; the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.” ~ Viktor Frankl The best part of my work is when I […]

Do You Move Like a Man?

Cass Phelps believes that the way men have stopped moving in these modern times is creating a “dampening of the spirit.”

A Day In The Life Of The Human Body

Your body has daily peaks and lows for everything from shaving to conceiving a child. Asap Science helps us understand what’s up with your body’s rhythms.

What Our Obsession With Chris Pratt’s Body Says About Us

The more Chris Pratt’s body changes, the more things stay the same.

Patriarchy, Religion, & Policing the Body

When patriarchal structures converge with religious systems, female oppression and oppression of those who transgress gender binaries and boundaries became inevitable. Warren Blumenfield shows us how.

10 Body Things Guys Don’t Care About

It’s chill if your boobs are slightly different sizes. They’re still boobs, after all.

Fuzzy Logic: I’m a Proud Hairy Man

Tom Stephan on the correlation between hairiness and masculinity.

Body Language

Kenny Fries recounts an intimate moment, at the intersection of memory and vulnerability.

Sacred Archetypes for Modern Masculinity: The Warrior

My body is strong, my mind is sound, my soul is fierce, yet quiet. I am slow to anger and swift to action. I am just, and I countenance no evil.