Could YOU Tell A Stranger About Your Last Sexual Encounter?


Jayneed Sanders on why kids aren’t talking about their abuse.

How To Get Your Partner To Be More Adventurous In Bed

Boyfriend kissing his girlfriend in bed

Jordan Gray says that there are three baby steps you can take to encourage your partner to be more adventurous in bed. —– This question has been asked of me nearly ten times in the past week, so I’m taking it as a sign. “My partner is excruciatingly vanilla in the bedroom… how do I […]

‘Dead Men Can’t Catcall’

Smantha Peterson

Samantha Peterson: “A body like mine can only be described in metaphors.”

Pope Francis Reminds Us of St. Francis & the Heart of Spirituality

pope francis

Bruce Davis reflects on the work of Pope Francis, the state of the church today and the true meaning of spirituality.

Taking Care of Men’s Bodies, Frank Medrano’s Amazing Workout Will Blow Your Mind

Frank Medrano Amazing Workout

Street Workout’s superstar Frank Medrano shows his skills in an incredible performance.

Live Fully Practice Completely – One Man’s Guide To Feeling Fully Alive

health, men, practise, body, heart, brain, holistic, neil hill, treasure, culture, belief, gifts, bodily repair, soul, wholeness,

Three gifts, no Magi.

Your Body Knows the Secret. Will You Listen?

man body

Leo Searle Hawkins experienced an unexpected event in the shower that taught him the body holds the secret to true and complete freedom.

Get Outta My Mind, Get Offa My Chest: A Gynecomastia Survivor Shares His Tale


I grew up a seemingly normal, slightly chubby boy who by age 11 had a chest resembling a partially-deflated blow-up doll’s, sagging breasts, one noticeably larger than the other…This affected the way I look at myself. Here’s my recovery and healing story.

When Pain Becomes You


Jason Epstein discusses dealing with chronic pain. What happens when what ails you is what alienates you?

My Wife Is a Fighter: A Husband’s Perspective on Woman’s Boxing


Gary Lai is married to Jill Morley of Fight Like a Girl fame. And the question he gets asked all the time is, “What do you think when your wife gets hit in the face.”

I’ll Take Body Image Issues for $1000, Please, Alex

bike racing body image photo by

David Stanley used to be a racing cyclist with a body so taut that his buttoned and zipped pants would slide off off him. But he was never really satisfied with how his body looked.

Are You Scared Sh*tless? 4 Ways Your Body Knows.


Let’s face it. Most of us walk around scared shitless in one way or another.

My Badass Colon


A colonoscopy? Who, me?

Ready for Transformation?


I might feel like I am in carb prison, but I am ready for the challenge and the transformation that waits around the corner.

A Surprising Reason Why it’s So Hard to Forgive


Things are trucking along just fine in your relationship until an argument happens and the next thing you know, you can’t seem to do anything right.

Zen and the Art of Running


Why run? How do I reach a “runner’s high”? And how is zen related?