Bono says that Christian Music is Dishonest and it’s Time to Get Real

Art that is vulnerable and real is where faith can catch fire

St Patrick’s Day Songs 2016 – Irish Songs – Part 1

There’s nothing better than celebrating a holiday (St. Patrick’s Day in this case) with traditional music, U2 isn’t necessarily traditional Irish music so we included the following video. — Holiday’s make us think about wonderful memories and time with friends and family. For me, St. Patrick’s Day brings back a lot of memories, many of […]

It’s Not You, It’s Them: How To Cope With Heartache…From Your Sports Team

Oscar Wilde once said, the heart was made to be broken. Wai Sallas wants you to know there is life after heartache, and it starts with you.

What if God Wrote a Book on the Bible?

There’s nothing worse than being misquoted.

A Case Of Misplaced Charity

James Stafford learned that not every homeless person wants charity.

Bono Talks About the Good News on Poverty (Yes, There’s Good News)

Bono says, “What are the blind spots of our age? It might be something as simple as our deep-down refusal to believe that every human life has equal worth”

What Bono Learned as his Father Died

In Blank on Blank, the new video series from Public Radio Exchange, one the world’s biggest rock stars dissects the notion of a dignified death

The Gay Dad Project Letters

Your dad is gay, too? How Jared, Erin, and Amie found each other and created a project for families like theirs.

The Male Straitjacket

Mark Radcliffe tears up the myth of male independence.

Rock Star Responds to Good Feed Blog Post!

Jamie Reidy gushes with fanboy fervor after Eytan Oren comments on a blog Jamie wrote about him and his band yesterday.

Concert Quandary: Cover Bands Are Better Than The Real Thing

Jamie Reidy complains about major rock acts who don’t play all their best songs.

The Good Men Sweet 16 Bracket

Sixteen athletes, entertainers, businessmen, and world leaders face off for the imaginary title of Best Man.

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Go Ahead, Swear a Little

Indecent exposure: Court’s ruling against the FCC is a big victory for broadcasters.