Mickey Mantle: Inside and Outside the Lines

The Last Boy by Jane Leavy, a recent book on Mickey Mantle doesn’t pull punches about getting into the more salacious aspects of the slugger’s life.

An Interview with Eric Franklin, Author of ‘Peanut Butter Principles’

Franklin’s book teaches leadership lessons that every parent should teach their kids…and learn for themselves.

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A Simple Two-Step Process

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Ode to Grandmother Hilda

Memories can be sweet and painful.

Prince Is About to Let it All Out

That’s right… Prince is writing a memoir.

A Sports Story that’s Starting Trouble

Jeff Pearlman comes home to discusses his latest book and the life of Walter Payton.

John le Carré: Who’s Worse, a Russian Crook or an English Banker?

The corruption that props up the powerful world of money is the topic of John leCarré’s novel, “Our Kind of Traitor.”

The Must-Read Book About O.J. Simpson & Nicole Brown: ‘Raging Heart’

Jesse Kornbluth takes a look at the OJ Simpson case in a way you’ve never seen before.

Dude’s Guide to Britain’s Literary Hotspots

Irma Hunkeler’s list for book worms in the UK.

A History of the Hand of Man

History can teach us a lot about how society viewed different trends, including body shapes.

I’m Sorry I Hurt You For Not Being Perfect

In his newly released book Letters to You, Zareh Zurabyan shares characters that we all know or perhaps, have seen in the mirror.

The Secret to Being a Writer

What’s the best advice for authors? Ironically, it’s to stop looking for advice.

How To Recharge Your Relationship From The Inside Out

Jordan Gray says that rest, play, and independence recharge your relationship faster than anything else. Find out how.