Finding the Truly Heroic Among Us Mere Mortals

mere mortals by Stephen Sheffield

“The men whom I have met during the Project have each inspired me to grow in a different way. They are my heroes. What we need as men isn’t more silent suffering; it’s the willingness to tell and listen to the truth of our lives.” ~ Tom Matlack

“The said to be blind meant not to see. How was I to believe them when I saw?”


And There Was Light: The autobiography of Jacques Lusseyran, blind hero of the French Resistance.

The Good Men Project Anthology is Free With Membership. Here Are 7 Reasons to Try It.


We’re having a conversation about what it means to be a good man in the 21st century. Care to join us? Join the 3 million people who visit our website every month.

Manning Up: Transsexual Men on Finding Family, Brotherhood, and Themselves

Manning Up by Wolf

A new book brings together a diverse range of trans*male voices to share their stories of how they became the men that they are.

Book Excerpt: “Man Up” by Jimmy West

Man Up by Jordan West

Man Up by Jordan West

Lee is a man in his mid-forties the all-to-familiar mid-life crisis, caught in an intense internal struggle over whether to leave his ill wife and two kids, or leave.

Book Review: “The Parents’ Phrase Book”

parents, phrase, book, whit honea, review, kids, parenting, children, dad, father, how to, self-help

“The advice I offer is merely suggestion; granted, it is really awesome suggestion, but the words you use are entirely up to you. You are the parent; I’m just some guy on the playground.” – Whit Honea, author, The Parents’ Phrase Book

Mentor of Chicago Girl Who Died After Performing for Obama Speaks Out


Richard Taylor used to feel as if he failed Hadiya Pendleton, because as her mentor he couldn’t stop the bullet. Now he realizes he failed the young killers.

11 Unconventional Lullabies Dads Should Sing to Their Kids

teddy, bear, headphones, music, kids

Are you looking for some new material at lullaby time? Jeff Bogle has got you covered!

The Other Side of the Ice


Sprague Theobold took his family on a treacherous journey across the Northwest Passage. He was hoping it would reconcile them. Assuming, that is, that they were able to survive.

What Makes Me Unique?


If you have the courage to lead others you should also have the courage to change yourself.

“I swear on the life of my children: it won’t be the worst book you’ve ever read.”


Author and ad guy Mark St. Amant gets this self-critique—and much, much more—from ESPN fantasy guru and FANTASY LIFE author, Matthew Berry.

So Many Books, So Few Choices: Would I Read That in Public? Would You?

books photo by zamanbabu flickr

JJ Vincent ponders the choices men have to make about what they do in public, and how much other people’s perceptions really matter.

Full Moon, Fresh Vows


On Buddhist ceremonies, writing, and how my life would look from an alien’s perspective.

Bored? Walk the Appalachian Trail (or just read about it)

A walk in the woods by Bill Bryson

Jesse Kornbluth reviews A Walk in the Woods and realizes that Bill Bryson is a funny, funny man.

Disability Is About ‘The Other’ Until it Isn’t: A Kickstarter for All

Dads of Disability on Kickstarter

Gary Dietz has two projects for people who are in some way affected by disabilities. Which is pretty much everyone.

The Rising Tide

Rising Tide

When the voice inside Jonathan Footerman’s head said, “leave your cushy office job and go learn how to sail a yacht”, Jonathan listened. Here is the first in a series of his story.