Storytelling, Culture, and Revolution


Stories, whether fictitious or true, spring forth from our values, believes, perceptions, dreams, imaginations or wishes, all of which are bound to our life experiences, which in turn are fundamentally shaped by our particular environment. Raoul Wieland shares a few of these stories.

One Step Closer to World Domination, or How to Not Sell Your Book to Anyone

nepal chronicles

Dan Szczesny tells the story of his book selling attempts.

Comment of the Day: “Even if a difference in values may prevent a relationship it shouldn’t prevent a friendship.”

Do you stay for the coffee?

Even if a difference in values may prevent a relationship it shouldn’t prevent a friendship

10 Books That Changed Your Life? The New List Trend


David James Poissant takes on Alexis Kleinman and book shaming.

Why I Write – Making the World a Better Place for Our Youth

boy with basketball

From the time he was 7 years old, Matt Petry knew he was destined to play sports. Until an injury made him rethink his purpose, and helped him discover his passion.

How to Stop Triggering Defensiveness in Your Partner

Stop Triggering by JohnGrayMarsVenus

You don’t understand! You’re not listening! John Gray explains how blame statements shut down communication and shows how to express frustration constructively.

2182 Kilohertz


Jesse Kornbluth reviews David Maziel’s book, concluding that it is definitely worth a read.

Forks: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine and Connection

Three years. Five continents. One motorcycle.

Why did Allan Karl sell nearly everything he owned, pack up, and travel the world for three years – alone – on a motorcycle?

What Were the Books That Helped Make You Who You Are Today?


Think about who you are. You had to get here somehow. What were the books that sent you along the way?

The 10 Books (Yes, That’s Right, Books) Every Man Should Pick Up This Summer


Books, and reading in general, are good habits to practice as you get older. And, no, since speed-reading through your Twitter timeline doesn’t count, here are a few recommendations to help jump-start your summer reading list.

Walter Dean Myers’ Death and What It Could Mean For Young, Black, Male Readers

boys reading, African American boys

The passing of such an influential black author could revitalize young, black, male readership and authorship, or it could deepen the dearth of existing books for this demographic.

The Book War That Authors Have Already Lost


J.E. Fishman questions the importance of publishing companies in a book’s success.

How to Raise a Reader

How to Raise a Reader

Michael Carley offers advice for parents who want to encourage their children to embrace books and reading at a young age.

‘Letters of Note’ and What’s Worth Remembering


After reading Letters of Note, Brian Shea discusses the power and depth of the lost art of handwritten letters

Telling Our Story: Why It Matters That #DadsRead

Telling Our Story: Why It Matters That #DadsRead

Felix Brandon Lloyd knows the impact that a father’s presence can have on a child, which is why he regularly makes time to read with his children and supports the #DadsRead campaign.

My Father Never Returned Library Books: A Father’s Day Reading Remembrance

My Father Never Returned Library Books: A Father’s Day Reading Remembrance

Tom Burns’ dad loved libraries and he loved to read. However, he didn’t like giving libraries their books back. This is his story.