Coming Soon: The Fault in Our Stars


John Green’s fantastic book, The Fault in Our Stars, is being made into a movie. Hopefully it can live up to the reputation of the original.

“The importance of reading books to kids…they associate it with love.”

reading to son

This comment by Kelly on the post Reading Is For Girls

Sleeping Together


“He’d come to appreciate the sounds she made, a steady grumble of snores that lessened whenever she turned on her side. The things she said were invariably hostile: ‘Who the hell is Becky?’ ‘Don’t fucking look at me!’ ‘Why didn’t you answer the phone?’” By Mike Heppner

Indie Spiritualist: A No BS Exploration of Spirituality (A Review)


Spirituality for those who know there is something bigger than ourselves, but are tried of institutions, labels, price tags, and fluffiness.

Why It’s Good To Be David: Malcolm Gladwell Takes On Goliath


Many of us know the story of David & Goliath, with it’s beloved tale of an underdog coming out on top, but what if we have been looking at it all wrong?

Tony Horton Gets Candid About His Latest Book, The Big Picture


The inventor of P90X found success and happiness in helping others fulfill their fitness goals. But none of it came without a whole lot of work. Lauren Lobley reports.

Minnesota Kickboxer Pens His First Children’s Book


Professional fighters have short career spans, and many struggle to find the next chapter of their lives. Kickboxer Ricky Lee found his through writing a children’s book inspired by his relationship to his granddaughter.

Meeting Annie: Accidentally Falling in Love After 50

red haired beauty

What did David Raether get himself into, meeting a woman just to hang out with? Turns out, more than he could have ever expected.

Why You Should Definitely Not Own All of Your Kids’ Favorite Books

Why You Should Definitely Not Own All of Your Kids’ Favorite Books

Tom Burns, a book-obsessed parent, makes the case that not owning some of your kid’s favorite books is a wonderful way to encourage them to read

Breaking the Stereotype That Reading isn’t Manly

man reading- M. Pratter-flickr

Nicolas Gremion asserts that if we could make the culinary arts cool for men, then we can make reading cool, too.

A Few of Our Favorite Things: The Dads & Families Holiday Gift Guide

xmas, christmas, holiday, gifts, presents, wrapping

Christmas is next week, and you have shopping to do. I’ve got some suggestions.

100 Words on Love: You Open Up For Me


I run my hands across your ink, barely raised, and tuck you underneath my pillow where you wait.

The Question Is…. What Were the Books That Helped Make You Who You Are Today?


Think about who you are. You had to get here somehow. What were the books that sent you along the way?

Book Excerpt: “Follow the Joy” by Jason Kurtz


At 27, Jason Kurtz bought a one way ticket to India. He was in search of happiness.

A Man’s Guide To Buying The Perfect Christmas Gift, Without Costing The Earth

christmas gifts, green gifts, eco friendly, christmas, men, neil hill, costing the earth, wildlife, environment, money, sustainablity, earth strength, fruit trees, transition movement, books, nick hornby, ralp waldo emerson, terry pratchett, nature, bushcraft, fire lighters, survival, wilderness, camping, bonding, fathers, cycling, books,

10 Christmas gifts to save the planet and maybe some money too…

Who’s In Your Top Five?


An excerpt from photographer Jason Landry’s new book of essays.