In Praise of the Underdog


In sports, as in life, we love the underdog. Every day we battle the odds, and now more than ever, we feel the deck is stacked for those richer and more powerful than us. When we sit glued to the TV and watch an athlete or team defy the odds, and it gives us hope than we too, can prevail through our difficult circumstances.

The Divas of the Diamond


Nate Graziano laments the lack of hustle and sportsmanship our kids are showing in sports…and looks to the bad example set by the pros as part of the cause.

Monday’s Three Things in Sports: So. . . This Happened

Odell Beckham breaks the internet

Michael Kasdan kicks off our new Monday sports round-up feature with an off-beat take on Odell Beckham, The Red Sox, and Kentucky Wildcats basketball.

Best Moments in Sports, 2013


Liam Day recaps the year’s best moments in sports.

The Best of GMP Sports, 2013

Bill Iffrig, 78, lies on the ground as police officers react to a second explosion at the finish line of the Boston Marathon in Boston, Monday, April 15, 2013. Iffrig, of Lake Stevens, Wash., was running his third Boston Marathon and near the finish line when he was knocked down by one of two bomb blasts. (AP Photo/The Boston Globe, John Tlumacki) ORG XMIT: MABOD111

The year in sports was an eventful one. From the bombings at the Boston Marathon to wrestling’s removal from and then reinstatement to the Olympics to the growing issue of concussions in the NFL, here is some of The Good Men Project’s best sports coverage from 2013.

A Phillies Fan Learns to Love the Sox

World Series Cardinals Red Sox Baseball

Max White was a Phillies fan when he moved to Boston. This year he started rooting for the Sox. That’s not wrong, is it?

Bucky F#$&*ing Dent


35 years ago this week the dreaded Yankees beat Liam Day’s beloved Red Sox in a one-game playoff. What he remembers are the lessons, good and bad, his mother imparted.

David Ortiz’s Meltdown Matters

Ortiz outburst

Matt Barnum explains why David Ortiz’s violent outburst toward home-plate umpire Tim Timmons after striking out on Saturday matters.

Boston Strong


As a life-long Yankees fan, Neil Cohen has to tip his hat to the Red Sox, who, in the wake of April’s terror attacks on Boston, are forging a feel-good, worst-to-first season.

A Good Feeling

Red Sox, baseball kids, Boston pride, Sox Nation, American patriotism, response to bombing, family time, spring break

On a beautiful spring day in Boston, Adam Olenn is reminded why he’s glad to be alive.

The Best $10 Ticket inTown

Lowell Spinners

Mark Spellun talks relationships, love and parenting in a Yankees-Red Sox world.

The Best GMP Sports Articles of 2012

Lance Armstrong

Liam Day, the Sports Editor of The Good Men Project, picks his favorite sports stories of the past year.

Can You Make Whine with Those Sour Grapes?


The Washington Nationals remind Phillies fans whose house this is.

Sports Talk Flash Fiction: BoSox Rule!


“The Yankees buy everything they got… Always have. They even bought Ruth from the Sox, for crying out loud!”

A Dad Strikes Out


Bestselling author Michael Levin talks about his realization that his sons will never speak the language of baseball the way he does, and that’s okay.

The Pitcher: How Curt Schilling Let Me Down

Screen Shot 2012-05-18 at 9.41.41 PM

Searching for lessons in the implosion of 38 Studios only brings Jake DiMare internal conflict and pain.