6 Things That Are Stopping You From Being Happy

There are no cookie cutter strategies for every person, but if you are struggling, this is a perfect place to start.

I’m Going to be Old…Will I be Ready?

For many of life’s issues, there’s a relatively immediate solution.

Sometimes I Ask Myself How I Ended Up With a Son Like This

While our son is not perfect from time to time, he encourages me.

How I Failed at Being Mindful and Living in the Present Moment

Life is nuanced. Even something as simple as being mindfulness and living in the present moment is complex.

5 Ways to Be a Solid Dad

I’m certainly not a perfect dad by any means, and I learn every day from the mistakes I make. However, I’ll continue to be the best father I can.

How Travel Changes Your Perspective and Can Help You Grow as a Man

The world is big–there’s a lot to do and see. It can give you some invaluable life lessons. If you have the opportunity to travel, pack your bag and get ready to explore.

Baby’s First Bacon

Even babies love bacon.

Your Kids Care About Their Dad More Than Child Support

If your children had a choice–to receive child support or spend lots of quality time with daddy and building a relationship with him–I’m pretty certain, in most cases, Dad is the winner.

Childhood Regret and the Girl Who Gave You a Rose

Looking back, Charlie Scatturo realized what he did wrong. If only he had a chance to make it all right.

How One Man Shook His Sweet Tooth

I’ve come to understand that mindful eating is what I do when I make the decision to eat something, rather than just mindlessly consuming it.

5 Ways to Stop Surviving and Start Thriving

While there may be seasons in life to focus on just survival, to fully live, you must thrive!

The Gift

Christmas morning provides the occasion for this poignant and vaguely disturbing poem about the sometimes convoluted relationships between mothers and sons.

Weird Stuff That Happened to Me as a Marginally Successful Child Actor

Some jobs have more odd moments than others…

Being a Father While Battling Depression

Admitting to depression, even in today’s society, is difficult. There are stigmas and prejudices that come along with that acknowledgment. For dads, this can be even more difficult.

5 Things Your Kids Learn by What You Do, Not What You Say

These are complicated subjects, and each of our circumstances is different. However, it’s important to get honest with yourself–only you know what you want your kids to learn from your example.

What Boy Didn’t Dream Of Being An Astronaut? Now You Might Be Able To!

You don’t actually need 20/20 vision to become one of NASA’s astronauts.