New York is Filled with Boys


If Walt Whitman had lived in a different time, he might’ve written Perry Brass’s celebration of the boy in all of us.


Mom and Son

“Fourteen” is Telaina Eriksen’s heartfelt letter to her teenaged son, and the man she hopes he becomes.

Here’s the Bad News, Son

shiner photo by Martin Thomas

Steve Almond’s reflections on having a baby boy, after a lifetime of trying to deal with aggression.

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Learning to Foxtrot


In this touching, relatable poem, Jessica Server offers some sympathy to those boys whose “deep phobia of dancing” keeps them from getting close to the women they pine after.

How to Pull a Tooth With a Rocket (Or, What Dads Do When Mom Is Not Home)

pull tooth

Hugh Paxton suggests you don’t try this at home.

it gets better, by halves


A creative and disturbing piece from Sean Patrick Mulroy on childhood, neglect, and silence.

Boys Do Cry, Look at Little Jackson

Boy You Can Cry

Meet Jackson, the little music fan who knows that sadness can be goodness.

If I Were a Parent of a Boy…

If I were the parent of a boy photo by kellyB

Michael Gurian believes we are in denial about boys and men—and what is needed is systematic changes to meet the needs of both genders.

The Last Bottled Soda Vending Machine East of the Missouri

Gas Station

Jim Cihlar presents us with a highly imagistic look at a moment in time, gently evoking loss.

Max and the Broken Dishwasher

photo by Phil Roeder

George Davis, appliance repair technician—meet Max, a four-year-old, also broken.

On Boys, Nature, Aggression

tree sparrow

Conservationist Matt Williams shows the importance of reconnecting everyone, especially boys, back to the natural world.

A Month of Thankfulness: The One Who Taught Me Most

Alex son

Alex Yarde was taught by the best. And he remains eternally grateful.

Good Boy, Goliath. Good Boy.

photo by erenemre

Uzi Peretz writes about how his relationship with his dog represented so much more, and how much he learned from Goliath right up until the end.

Dad Profiling: The Double Standard

dad, uncle, man, daughter, niece, kid, child, holding hands, parent

Mike Spohr was trying to console his crying niece. Unfortunately some people only see what they want to see.

Defining Moments: They Can Get F*&^%ed

giant at the fair photo by orinrobertjohn

How can you escape an abusive past—a victim of bullying where no one believes you—without having those moments define you? One man’s story.

A Crutch, a Wish, a Bandaid, and the Search for Faith that Actually Matters


What happens to faith when you come face-to-face with tragedy?