The Classroom Behavior Cycle for Boys…Fidget, Discipline, Repeat

Boys are often disciplined more often than girls in the classroom and as a result a cycle of behavior ensues.

The Unintended Consequences of Parental Expectations

As an abused child she knew the negative power a parent could have, but she didn’t know the power of positive parenting could be almost as frightening.

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Kids may not know it all, but parents are clueless. Here are just some of the new rules we’re playing by.

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It’s time to get back to the basics, whether we like it or not.

5 Annoying Things Male Teachers Hear

Teaching is still considered to require or reward qualities we consider inherently feminine.

What’s Happening to Boys in School? Google Hangout

Dr. Steve Perry, founder and principal of Capital Preparatory Magnet School shares on what parents and teachers can do to support boys in school.

Helping Boys in School: #GMPChat Tonight With Dr. Steve Perry

What can we do o ensure boys succeed in school? Dr. Steve Perry is our guest on tonight’s #GMPChat on Twitter 8:00pm Est

Let’s Make This the Decade of the Boy

Michael Gurian shares how President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative is an essential alliance for a White House Council for Boys.

Angel Vasquez Might Kill Somebody, Someday

As Dennis Danziger watches his students graduate, he wonders what will happen next.

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Mark Sherman, a big fan of the President, asks him to call the nation’s attention to the problems facing boys and young men.

What Educators and Students Can Learn From Hip Hop

Educators are looking towards elements of hip hop for innovative and refreshing ways to meet students where they are.

We Owe Our Sons What We’ve Given Our Daughters

Mark Sherman says that it’s time to give our sons the same attention and support we began giving our daughters 20 years ago.

Russel Simmons Wants the President to Pay Attention to People of Color

Russell Simmons lays out a plan for helping people of color advance in a society that is failing them.

Moving Into the Red: Boys and Education

Jennifer Fink believes our boys are trying to tell us something about the way they’re being educated… and it’s time to listen.

TED Video: Gaming to Re-Engage Boys in Learning

Why are boys disengaging from school? Have boys changed, or has the education system changed? In Ali Carr-Chapman’s TEDx talk, she lays out the reasons boys are tuning out in school and offers a plan for re-engaging them in a way that actually works.