Red Alert! My Daughter Like-Likes A Boy

The scariest moment in any dad’s life who happens to have a daughter is the moment boys become a part of the picture.  — When my nine-year-old daughter Cindy mentioned to me – quite casually – that she “like-liked” George, a boy in her fourth-grade class, it seemed cute at first, as if she was […]

5 Things These Dads Learned From Their One-Year Old Son

Baby boy Winston put his dads Michael and Matthew through their paces this past year. Here are the five key things they learned.

It’s Not About A Backpack, It’s About Raising A Happy Human Being

Mandy Brasher isn’t interested in teaching her son how to be a boy, she wants to raise a happy human being who knows how to love himself and others just the way they are.

30 Relationship Tips for Guys—From Two Girls Under 10

Thank heaven for little girls for without them, what would little boys do?

Rise of the Superwomen [OpEd]

John Edale warns that those of us who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Does Gender-Neutral Play Really Equal A “War on Boys”?

Are the Swedes wrong to encourage gender equality by forcing boys to play with toys traditionally meant for girls?

Why Are Men and Women So Different?

How female and male brains can explain why we’re so different.

“There is so much that we do that appears to come naturally.”

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