Fathers, Shooters, and Good Men: A Call to Action

In the culture that created the shooter at Pulse Orlando, healing toxic masculinity starts with how we raise our boys.

Why ‘Boys Will be Boys’ is Such a Dangerous Mentality

If we want to stop the killing we must acknowledge the connection between hypermasculinity and violence.

Redefining ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ In One Tender Photo

The National At-Home Dad Network has a powerful message for anyone who thinks boys can be defined by frogs, snails and puppy dog tails. When I found out I was pregnant with a boy, I received all the related “boy gear” as gifts – tiny baseball mitt, a tee shirt with a football embroidered onto […]

My Problem With Boys

Ariel Chesler is a dad of daughters who is sick and tired of how parents of boys feel justified to let their kids destroy things, because “boys will be boys” excuse.

My Daughter Throws Like a Girl and My Son Is Such a Boy

Dave Lesser can’t ignore the innate gender differences between his daughter and son, but won’t let them be limited or defined by phrases like “girly-girl” or “boys will be boys.”

#RapeCultureIsWhen. . . Putting An End To Rape Culture

Rape is not just a feminist issue. It’s everyone’s issue. Zerlina Maxwell, on ending rape culture. #RapeCultureIsWhen

“Have at it, Boys” and College Men

Aaron W. Voyles explores the relationship between NASCAR and male behavior.

Dear Fox News: This Feminist Thinks a Lot Better of Men Than You Apparently Do

Joanna Schroeder is sick of people degrading and dehumanizing men by saying things like “let men be men”.

Toxic Excuses: A Comic

Time after time we make up excuses for violence so that we can move forward without having to change or address the heart of problem

The Manufacturing of the American Douche

Nathan Graziano would like to talk about our propensity for accepting bad behavior—as long as it is in the name of a win.

“Call all people to quit being violent towards each other.”

No, That’s Not What Men Do

‘Male Privilege’ Isn’t a License to Harass Waitresses (or Anybody Else)

What makes guys think their waitress is another dish on the menu? Sebastian Molano thinks he knows.

Maren Sanchez and Rage as the Male Emotion

Ariel Chesler explains that the side-effect of boys not being allowed to show “girile” emotions, is that all they are left with is rage.

Stop Panicking and Start Talking With Your Kids About Snorting Smarties Trend

Heather Gray advises parents to step away from the alarm button and use new teen trends as teachable moment.

Boy Is Beautiful

Mark Sherman has four grandsons and wants boys who act in typical boy ways to feel good about themselves. Society, at least in schools, may be sending a different message.

Real Men Like to Poke, A Twitter Confrontation About Changing Men and Boys

Allan Shore and Erick Martinez try to discuss “boys will be boys” with Chad Miller on Twitter. Turns out, the conversation was too long for 140 characters.