10 Ways to Guard Your Daughter Against Toxic Relationships

She can have a healthy self-esteem and a solid foundation for healthy relationships with others and herself.

One Man’s Quest For Peak Performance

Meditating daily as part of his morning routine, Jiro is pairing his passion for adventure with the historically proven benefits of mindfulness.

Two Social Entrepreneurs That Are Transforming The Education Sector

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Single? You Missed the Girl in the Corner

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Becoming a Better Man By Being Vulnerable

Through many experiences, I’ve come to believe that showing vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness.

How are you teaching your son to be a “Good Man?”

Call for Submissions – Share your parenting tips!

Why We Fear Transpersons

What is it about some becoming who “they” were truly meant to be that frightens society?

The Magic of Fatherhood

DiaryDad still has a little magic to share with his kids. — I am watching my boys grow at a spectacular rate. Spectacular because they are growing big, strong, and healthy, but at the same time they just keep growing. Relentless in this goal  to break free of the title of my “little boys”.  That […]

How Our Sons Lose when Everyone gets a Trophy

How do too many trophies cause more harm than good?

Standing in the Spotlight: Without Shame

Putting an end to sexual abuse.

A Dad Worries About Making His Boys Men in the 21st Century

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What I Tell My Teenage Son to Say if He Has to Talk to the Police

Because young boys are presumed to be hormone-fueled animals capable of anything in pursuit of sex — not innocent.

4 Things A Man Battling Depression Can’t Say

I am certainly no mental health expert, and I don’t claim to have all the answers. I do know how this awful disease has disrupted my life and the life of my family.

Lessons That All Men Can Learn From John Scott

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It Is Happening: The Changing Faces of Masculinity

Positive changes can start anywhere and are cumulative. At times, change seems to move like a glacier and at others, it happens in the blink of an eye.