Why It Took Me 19 Years to Meet a Black Man

My first conversation with a black man occurred at the age of 19.

Struggling to Be a Man

What can you learn about yourself by coping with and understanding the first time you were told that to “be a man”?

Lift Off – Harvard Grad’s Commencement Speech Goes Viral

Donovan Livingston’s speech in poem form recounts the difficulties black Americans have historically faced seeking an education.

Father’s Day – A Call for Submissions

Daddy, Father, Pop, Dad – What kind of relationship have you had?

My Dad Saved Him From Drowning, 31 Years Later He Saved Me

Two fathers, two sons, their lives curiously interwoven in life, death, and modern miracles.

The Night My Dad Became My Hero

His actions taught me how to stand up for what is right.

What Women Want – A Mother’s Advice to Her Son

Remember this, my love, your soft side is mightier than any man’s sword, wield that.

What Do Boys Look For In A Girl, Daddy?

A father tackles his young daughter’s query with an email that tells her to be true to herself.

To My Son About His Tears

What I wish more men knew about emotions.

Post-War Machismo – Be a Man

Be a Man is teaching young men how to shatter stereotypes.

The Empty Laundry Basket—Sending the Firstborn to College

I find myself talking to friends who have already done this stage of parenting and telling them, “I’m not gonna be able to do this.”

A Brother’s Gift

Autism is a life-long diagnosis. For Zak Hines, his brother Tyler’s diagnosis is also full of lessons and blessings.

An Open Letter to My Sons – What it Really Means to Be a Man

The truth about five sayings that have lessened what it means to be a man.

Dance Your Way Into a Woman’s Heart

Studies show that dancing skills increase a man’s chances of finding love.

A GMP Exclusive Interview with Filmmaker Frederick Marx on Rites of Passage and Storytelling

How can we help young men grow into mature adults? Frederick Marx shows us the way through the power of film.

This Dad Dressed Up as Darth Vadar to Wake His 2-Year-Old Son

What happens at the end is truly unexpected and amazing.