Fathers: 7 Tips to Step Your Parenting Game UP This School Year


Being involved in your child’s education is imperative for their success.

How Raising Boys Has Made Me a Better Mom

3 Ways Boys Make Mom Better by Jenny Kanevsky

I learn as much from my sons as I hope they learn from me

On Being a ‘Beautiful Boy’


There is a difference between being a beautiful boy and a handsome man. I discovered this when men would tell me as they dressed that they liked being with me, that sleeping with me felt like sleeping with a woman. Being told I was a beautiful boy was like suddenly becoming a famous child star, but knowing that your moment in the spotlight is fading fast.

Friendships and the Power of Vulnerability


We form our deepest connections only when we expose our vulnerabilities.

Not with my Daughter


Our children grow up, they do what we did, it’s all part of the circle of life.

My Dear Son, About Those Aliens In Your Head


A father gives his son six ways to drown out the voices of doubt and fear.

Childhood Horror: 5 Ways to Identify Abuse


Sometimes your children are crying for help in ways we cannot understand.

3 Fleeting Moments that Lead to a Lasting Relationship


Long-term relationships don’t just happen. They’re consciously built, moment by moment.

This Adorable Baby with Down Syndrome Is Taking After His Model Mom (Photos)


Baby Micah is stealing hearts all over the world as the cutest baby model ever.

Are Participation Trophies Sending the Wrong Message to Our Children?


Maybe the answer is to place meaning and emphasis on values rather than a trophy.

If I Can’t Deliver on Disney Am I a Failure as a Dad?

little boy playing in the pool

Is Disney really the apex of the father-child experience? Or does lots of love and innovation work just as well?

20 Things We Need to Be Telling Our Boys

20 Things by Vinoth Chandar

There’s stuff our little boys need to hear—but we’re not telling them.

To My Son Who is Neither Here Nor There

mother and little boy

A mother watches her growing son and shares a prayer for the man he will become.

The Man Who Carried Snakes

boy and grandfather

The search for manhood is like climbing a cliff to jump into a lake, going up is easy, but it’s a long way down.

A Man’s Guide to Parenting Your Inner Child

lost little boy

Jonathan Delavan shares Buddhist-inspired wisdom and guidance on healing emotional wounds.

Loving Your Kid Is Easy. Liking? Not So Much


As an exercise in restoring peace to his head and household, Brent Almond creates a list of what he likes most about his son.