‘I Never Had Any Friends Later On Like the Ones I Had When I Was Twelve.’

stand by me 1

Dr. Steven Hanley on “Stand by Me” and male friendship.

Worrying Won’t Help Love

man worrying

It isn’t possible to worry about people and love them at the same time because worry is fear-based and love is not.

The Hug that Ruined My Son’s Birthday Party

little boy birthday

I don’t want my sons to learn that it is okay to force physical touch — not even it it’s family.

The Silence of Man


Have you ever heard the inner workings of a man’s mind, or have you assumed they are just like all men?

For Your Kid’s Sake, Use Technology to Fight Technology

boy in trouble with father

How to use internet filters to protect your children from porn, cyber bullying and online predators.

The Loss of Innocence


He was a sweet little boy who loved life until the unspeakable changed him. — Sorting through a stack of boxes in a rare attempt to organize my life, I stumble across a decades-old photograph stuck to the back of a college textbook. I haven’t seen this photo in years. The colors have faded with […]

Why Hugs Don’t Heal


Drama was her life growing up. Nothing prepared her for raising boys.

Dear Dad: The One With the Circumcision Question


A single mom has no male influences and is unsure if she should circumcise her unborn son, so she turns to ‘Dear Dad’ for advice.

Looking Back on a First Kiss

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What would you tell yourself if you could go back in time?

Dying Slowly No More — A Black Man’s Thank You to Kiese

black man with coffee cup

For a man to live. Authentically and without shame. Is that too much to ask?

Tickled to Consent: Teaching Little Boys that No Means No

little boy and mom

Understanding the importance of giving, withholding, and respecting consent starts in childhood.

How to Help Your Child Deal with Bullying

young boys fighting a bully

Matt Gannon’s childhood choice suggests a new way to teach kids how to handle harassment and other hardships.

Social Media and Your Sons: How to Have That Talk

boys using social media

There are two words you can teach your child to help them make good social media choices.

3 Things Autism Has Taught Me About Life And Parenting

jason moffatt family

Five separate times he thought he was going to be a dad. When it finally happened, the circumstances weren’t what he was expecting.   — I’ve always wanted to be a dad. I envisioned grand thoughts of riding bikes and playing baseball with my son.   Five times in my life I was expecting to […]

Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Harassment, Boy Meets Lawsuit


Middle and high school age boys are behaving badly. Make an effort to steer yours in the right direction.

A Letter From One Son To All Dads


No matter what he did, his father didn’t understand his lifestyle choices. Here’s what he did.