Super Heroes are for Real

Father Ethan Bryan says – Super Heroes Are For Real.

Killing Machismo: The Columbian Way

Meet Colombia’s “new men” confronting machismo and gender violence.

Her Son Brought Light After the Darkness of Loss

She’d lost two of the men in her life, and the prospect of raising a son terrified her. Until he opened her heart to joy.

John Hughes Had it Right, We’ve Got Adulting All Wrong

Kids don’t need to learn not to make mistakes, they need to be shown how to learn from them.

This Personal Tragedy Gave Me a Mission to Save Our Youth

I knew the importance of these challenges, but his death prompted me to do something about it.

11 Times You Stop Giving a Crap When You’re a Special Needs Parent

One day, you realize what is NOT important.

#AboutBoys: Moving towards a Constructive Paradigm for Boys

If we continue to provide a “one size fits all” model of programming for boys we will continue to fail them and our communities.

I Grew Up Without a Father: A Call for Submissions

How did this impact your life?

Talking to Your Son About Testicular Cancer

While any boy or man can develop testicular cancer, there are risk factors that make this disease more likely.

Bullying is a Self-Perpetuating Spiral that Affects Us All

Can we shift our conversations about bullying, gun violence, and mental health in a more compassionate and objective direction?

My Son Wants to be a Marine

Even at an early age, he knew what he wanted.

Comment of the Day: ‘It’s a great bonding experience between a father and a son’

Quality time with our kids is precious.

Understanding His Insecurities Helped My Husband Redefine His Manhood

Being open-minded and communicating has made my husband a healthier man.

What Happens When Our Sons Learn to be Kind to All Creatures Great and Small

Sometimes what we teach them when they are little comes back to us as hope for the world they will inherit.

My Son Doesn’t Need to ‘Man Up’

Yes, I will teach him to stand up for himself, but I will also teach him to stand up for others.

Comment of the Day: ‘I was the nerdy awkward outsider’

Your differences won’t always matter.