That Day I Just Wanted to Rent The Boxcar Children

dad and sons watching tv

For this Dad, his colleague’s low-key life looks tempting, until he thinks about missing his “Dadderdays.”

Coming of Age for Boys


Teaching boys to become men starts long before they reach eighteen. — In a world that eats boys’ self-worth for sport, fathers have the power to validate a young man’s arrival into adulthood. Coming of age is a legal term stipulating at 18 or 21 years old when adolescents are no longer considered minors and […]

Lessons From the Most Inspiring Man I’ve Ever Met


His dad survived the German occupation, war, and a host of other struggles. He taught him these invaluable lessons. — Who is it who inspires you the most? A Rock Star? An Olympian? A Philosopher? Who’s your hero? I don’t recall my Dad talking about his goals. My hero is my Dad. He’s a man […]

The Other Voices in Your Son’s Life …. and Why You Should Be Thankful for Them

The Other Voices by Tafari Anthony

Mike Berry is grateful for all the others who are helping him bring out the man inside his son.

The Day My 10-Year-Old Son Asked Me About Sex


At a moment when he least expected it, his son asked him about sex. Instead of letting him learn from others, here’s what he did.  — “Dad, the other day when you and mom were looking online to see if I could watch The Flash, I overheard you say ‘I think it’s ok, but pretty […]

5 Simple Steps to Become a Well-Rounded Guy


There are a few ways you can stand out and live the kind of life most guys wish they lived. — We’re in an age of specialty, niche, and laser-focused targeting. Companies are paying top dollar for experts in their field, and social media lures us in with the promise of finding our tribe, the […]

5 Lessons Dads Should Consider Teaching Their Boys


This father says there are important lessons each of us should consider teaching our boys to develop into confident men. — When I was a child, I remember building forts in the woods, going fishing, keeping a watch for gators on our boating expedition, and getting into trouble. I did what boys do. Now, we […]

Let’s Hear It For The Boys


Mike Johnson from Human Parts talks about keeping the boys healthy.

Some Unconventional Marriage Advice I Gave My Teenage Son

boy and girl flirting

Beyond the usual “love and honor her,” this Mom offers some practical examples of how a love stays strong.

Why a Best Friend is Hard for a Good Man to Find


As our culture and society have denormalized authentic male friendships, more men are finding themselves lonely and depressed. It’s time to showcase masculinity as depending on and helping others, rather than a man alone.

I Found My Biological Father Four Years After His Death


I searched for my biological father for years with no luck. Until that one phone call in 2008 changed it all.

How Much Is Enough?


Have youth sports become too much for our children?

Yes, That’s My Mud

little boy playing in mud

From “those parents” to the stranger who thinks kids shouldn’t play in the mud or try impossible things.

On the Verge of Saying Something

Boy fishing with Dad

Life cycles seen through the lens of fishing, first kisses, manly advice, lessons in parenthood, and death.

How Our Three Boys Raised Us


They bought all the books and thought they were prepared. Their children had other plans. — As the parents of three boys, our life is anything but boring. We have wanted nothing more than to be a good mother and father. We wanted, actually needed, to do everything right. We bought all the popular books […]

Men, Stop Letting the World Define You

boy mimicing dad

With all the conflicting signals about what a man is supposed to be, here’s a refreshing idea. Whatever he wants.