Dear Boys: This is How Love Should and Does Work

This mom delivers the perfect advice for her aging sons.

I’m a Single Dad and My Son has 61 Girlfriends

  Matthew’s son has more game than he does, and he’s only 5. ___ I’d like to think I’m a good role model to my children.  I’d like to think that I set a good example for my young son to follow of how to be a good man. But when it comes to attracting – […]

Can Chasing Boyhood Dreams Actually Be a Powerful Road to Maturity?

The dreams of our childhood have a lot to tell us.

I Don’t Need to Hear to Drive My Car

It took some extra effort, but J. Parrish Lewis passed his driving test and has loved the freedom of the road ever since.

Special Needs People Aren’t the Only Ones with Needs

In Part 9 of the series, “Every Family Has a Story,” Darla Johnson shows you how to take care of yourself when you’re caring for someone else.

I Am Your Son’s Female Teacher

When it comes to a teacher’s love for a student, what kind of category is that love?

My Take on Forgiveness 

Being able to move past our abuse is what we all want.

Giving Birth to Gender

We need to stop stereotyping our children.

Comment of the Day: ‘I’d Like to See an International Men’s Day’

Men deserve appreciation too.

A Surprisingly Simple Way to Help Your Special Needs Child

In Part 8 of the series, “Every Family Has a Story,” Darla Johnson shows you how to arm yourself with good information as a caregiver.

8 Key Ways for Kids to Deal with the Worst Life Has to Offer

If only “loving them” was enough.

Spring Break, Young Men and a ‘Mad Roman Candle’

Michael Brennan remembers a crazy time and a crazier encounter.

Son, We’re Going to Talk About Sex

How does a dad start the conversation?

My Teenage Son (Who Has Bipolar Disorder) is My Mentor

Liza Long looks to her son as a mentor. ___ In the third week of September 16 years ago, I met my second son for the first time. A difficult pregnancy with preterm labor and several long, tedious weeks of bed rest concluded anticlimactically with an apparently healthy baby born on his due date, a […]

My Dad Lived in This Old House

Dann Alexander remembers his childhood house and his father’s presence.  ___ For the majority of the first 20 years of my life, this was one of the places I called home. It was the first place I ever knew as a home. Even while living a 10 minute drive away on and off through my teens, […]

Let’s Raise Our Boys to Be Feminists

  Sarah Comerford encourages boys and men to embrace feminism. __ The concept of what it meant to be a feminist was not always on my radar. I was never explicitly taught that being female meant being at something of a social disadvantage. My upbringing was dysfunctional in a lot of ways, but gender inequality […]