Lessons That All Men Can Learn From John Scott

A real man holds his head high when others are trying to tear him down.

It Is Happening: The Changing Faces of Masculinity

Positive changes can start anywhere and are cumulative. At times, change seems to move like a glacier and at others, it happens in the blink of an eye.

Sons Have Found Their Voice in the “For The Love of Men” section

We want to hear the stories of how you bonded with your dad, your special memories and funny moments.

Call for Submissions – My Brother is My Hero Because …

Our “For The Love of Men” section wants to share your stories about what makes your brother special.

10 Tips For Traveling With Kids: A Single Dad’s Guide

Single parenting is challenging. It’s especially challenging to travel with a kid in tow.

Be the Cam Newton of Your Home

Be true to who you are and consistent in that regardless of who is around.

War Boy

What can a boy make out of nothing? The story of Deng Thiak Adut is a look inside the modern man’s soul.

Five Ways I’ve Noticed I’m Not a Complete Screw Up as a Dad

I have observed some things about my sons that give me hope that I am not completely and totally wrecking their lives.

How Saying No to These 6 Things Has Led to a Better Life

Don’t let other people’s motives be how you live your life. This is YOUR life, and you get to decide how you live it.

One Bike, Two Kids, and Creative Teamwork for the Win

These two kids came up with the perfect way share a bike.

What Traveling With My Son Taught Me About Being a Parent

I couldn’t have predicted how sitting side-by-side on a road trip across America would enrich both our lives.

From Trailblazer to Diaper Changer

This show is for the Dads who are ready to become fighters again, contenders in this life. Those who are ready to put down the remote and risk something.

Supporting Dads of Color: Upcoming Teleconference

Global Parenting Network CEO Mr. Gregory Johnson to moderate the Men and Boys of Color Emotional Health Teleconference on Sunday JANUARY 24, 2016.

Creativity and the Power of Novelty

We get so caught up in our lives–in the status quo–that we forget how amazing it is to try new experiences and how healthy it is for our brain.

The Smack In The Face Every Dad Needs

Fitness and health don’t need to rule your life, but they should be a part of your lifestyle, especially if you’re a dad.

Driving Too Hard, Too Fast? You Could Be Heading For a Crash

As I’ve aged, I’ve learned that creating a healthy balance and setting a reasonable pace gets you further in the long run.