How to Help Religious Parents Face Having A Gay Child

For many religious parents, finding out their child is gay represents anything from a personal failing to a dream slipping out of their grasp.

How That Old Black Accordion Connected Me to My Dad

How a simple black accordion could bond two men who both had a lot to learn about connection.

‘Field of Dreams’ A Movie That Spans the Distance Between Fathers and Sons

Movies reflect the changing roles of men in the 21st century. Here is what our community says about a classic one. — This post is the second in our new series on “Movies and Manhood.” The series gives our regular writers a voice to share how specific movies have impacted their thinking about men. Our […]

Things I Want My Son to Know as He Enters the Business World

With graduation just a few months away, some words of wisdom about working and life seem timely.

Why We Should Be Excited When Our Children Make Mistakes

Making a mistake was unacceptable — and his self punishment went from banging his head to attempted suicide. Is that what we want for our kids?

I’ve Got Your Back!

Millo Aldea has seen incredible things in his life, but nothing as beautiful as his Autistic son.

Two Words and Five Strategies That Keep Your Kid Safe From Bullying

A lot of bullying these days is cyber, either through cell phones or online activities. Here are five strategies I’ve taught my son to guard him against being bullied.

Hugging Your Way To Happiness And Relationship Success

Dr. Steve shows us that hugging not only feels good, it can improve your overall health and relationship happiness.

3 Hurtful Things I Hope You Never Say to Your Son

These three zingers put your son’s self-esteem and healthy development at grave risk.

My Boys Are Not Stereotypes, They’re So Much More

Negative stereotyping breeds negative behavior. And a lot of stereotypes about little boys are negative.

I’m Jewish, I’m Not Jewish, I’m Confused

A humorous and heartening story of how a date night and the former Prime Minister of Israel made one man question his identity.

My Kid Said ‘I Hate You’ and That Means I’m Doing Something Right

My son was pissed that he wasn’t getting what he wanted, and I stood my ground, even when that made him feel, for that moment, the worst sort of frustration. That’s my job, as a parent, to do my best to lead him in the right direction, even when he hates me for it. The fact that we had that exchange meant I was doing something right.

The Modern Challenge of Turning Boys Into Men

The culture of manhood has changed, and so must our approach to raising boys.

The Hardest Part Is the Failure, but It’s Better Than the Alternative

As a parent, it’s hard to see your child fail. But remember, failing is a necessary part of their growth.

Under Pressure: A Man Trying to Live in a Man’s World

The expectations of society killed the boy child, but the man has the hopeful heart of a newborn.

Please Don’t Threaten My Son For Dating Your Daughter

Enough with the tired gender norms we impose on our teenagers when they begin dating.