‘Burnt’ A Chef who Refuses to Quit on his Dreams

This movie proves how strong men can be when they want something bad enough When life gets hard or things get tough it is easy to give up. People do it all the time these days. But there are those rare moments when you can take a risk and push harder than you ever have […]

The Man, the Examined Life, and My Own Heterocentricity

There is nothing so binding and divisive as our own perception of how things should be. But what do you do, as Jeremy McKeen uncovers, when you are the majority of the world’s ruling niche? — What does a Hooters full of lesbians, a bus full of Princeton University alumni, and a beach full of […]

‘American Sniper,’ A Review

James Halcomb reviews this year’s most controversial film.

American Sniper: Fact v. Fiction

Although the movie is an initial box office hit, there is a growing backlash against its simplistic portrayal of the war and misleading take on Kyle’s character.

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Adrenaline Rush

Jay Snook reviews the newest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Trick Shot Titus Video: This Kid is Freaking Amazing

You might be smarter than a 5th grader, but can you make more baskets than a toddler? Not if that toddler is Trick Shot Titus!

The Discomfort of the Mirror: Silver Linings Playbook, Bipolar, and Me

Ryan W. Bradley squirms through a film about a man like he was, not long ago: undiagnosed, violent, and about to hit bottom.

The Time I (Almost) Defined a Generation

James Greer looks back at his most spectacular failures as Senior Writer at Spin Magazine and marvels at how close he was to giving Generation X its name.

Quotes on Mom From Hollywood Hotties

TrèsSugar’s Tara Block trots out the most quotable quotes from Hollywood sons on their moms.

Real Men Don’t Make Light of Child Sex Trafficking

Ironic PSAs might not be the best way to end child sex trafficking.