How Smart Phones And Computers Are Killing Your Relationship

Look up and see what is in front of you.

Are you master or slave when it comes to modern technology? Steven Lake explores the slippery slope of disconnection when always connected.

Anxiety Explained—in Under 6 Minutes

Anxiety Explained by David Goehring

Counselor Carl explains anxiety—why we feel it and how to deal with it. Now you can relax.

Guys: 10 Sexy-Smart Things You Do That Totally Turn Us On

guys things girls love

Men, take note: These things are WAY hotter than a six-pack.

Is Your Relationship Mentally Ill?

Is Your Relationship by PsycheTruth

“It’s not me. And it’s not you. It’s us.” PsycheTruth debunks the DSM’s addition of ‘relational disorder’ to the growing pantheon of mental afflictions.

What Every Parent Should Know About Concussions


Cindy Trowbridge tells us how to recognize the signs and symptoms of head trauma.

3 Ways Real Love Is Like Medicine


Healthy relationships can actually heal your heart.

Control: The Downfall of the Masculine and the Poison of Civilization


Lion Goodman and John Jones contend that when men unravel the need for control they will heal themselves, and the world.

How to Stop Triggering Defensiveness in Your Partner

Stop Triggering by JohnGrayMarsVenus

You don’t understand! You’re not listening! John Gray explains how blame statements shut down communication and shows how to express frustration constructively.

Why Men Experience Post O Regret

sad man

Dr. Stephen Petteruti explains the brain science behind the emotional downside of the male refractory period.

Live Fully Practice Completely – One Man’s Guide To Feeling Fully Alive

health, men, practise, body, heart, brain, holistic, neil hill, treasure, culture, belief, gifts, bodily repair, soul, wholeness,

Three gifts, no Magi.

A Surprising Reason Why it’s So Hard to Forgive


Things are trucking along just fine in your relationship until an argument happens and the next thing you know, you can’t seem to do anything right.

How to Form a Habit that Sticks


The bad ones are easy, but adding a good habit might not be as hard as you think. — Why does it sometimes feel like it’s effortless to let negative habits creep up, but when we want to change them — or add a new healthy habit—it feels nearly impossible? A big part of it […]

How Do We Maintain Mental Flexibility?


Neuroplasticity has become a buzzword the past few years in health circles, but what does it mean for you and me?

A Roomful of Strangers

face blindness

Luke Davis has prosopagnosia, commonly known as “face blindness”. So don’t take offense if he doesn’t recognize you.

Inside the Mind of a Procrastinating Meditator


Is my curiosity or my desire to escape reality propelling my procrastination?

“If we found a way to remove addiction, would we be altering human behavior that we might find out later to be a core element of our humanity?”


This is a comment by Thaddeus Howze on the post “What Marijuana Means to Me”.