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This is just ridiculous.

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The Hidden Powers of Vulnerability

Chris Kyle learned early on that he better man up and sure as hell ‘Don’t cry!’ He learned later that vulnerability makes him stronger.

“It’s a woman’s job to make her man feel safe — a safe place that doesn’t expect him to do brave things just because he’s a man.”

This is a comment by Kat on the post “A Husband’s Job Is To Create Emotional Safety”.

“Sexual abuse of men happens much more often than anyone seems ready to admit.”

These are comments by Christopher Anderson, Scott Mauer, and trey1963 on the post “I Am a Survivor, and I Can Finally Talk About It”.

They Call Her Mini-Me

Arthur Eddy loves seeing the ways in which his 5-year-old daughter is both alike and different from him.

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Sidney Stone hopes that the fairy tales of the future can help undo some of the damaging messages about gender that have been sent to boys and girls in the past.