Why Your Ex Shouldn’t Be Your Next

Why Your Ex by Bailey Weaver

Matt Shumate explains why you’ll be happier if you walk away—and stay away—after a nasty breakup.

How Being a Perfectionist Led Me to Lose a Perfectly Good Guy

perfectionist girlfriend

I expected him to be perfect … And that turned me into a b*tch.

How to Keep Your Head Up After a Breakup

How to Keep by Ian Armstrong

August McLaughlin shares hard-earned wisdom from her own dating, marriage, and divorce experience on how your post-breakup attitude can help you find the right partner.

7 Signs the Way You’re Dealing With Your Breakup is Unhealthy

guy breakup

And how to get over it faster.

Why I’m Furious at the Phrase ‘Broken Heart’


Halfway through my rant, I realized I was telling this to myself more than him.

Let it Go: Why Talking Sh*t About Your Ex is Toxic


Paying back wrong for wrong will never make things right. If only for your own peace of mind, learn from it — and then let it go.

Relationship Disengagement: What Happens When You Just Stop Feeling


Once you start feeling like there’s nothing left for you to give, like the apathy has truly taken over your entire mind, body and soul, you know the beginning of the end has arrived.

Seven Rules of Breakup Ethics


#1: Everything you do to hurt your ex hurts your kids. So don’t do it.

Why You’ll Never Stop Being in Love With People You’ve Loved Before


Even after heartbreak and betrayal, the people we’ve loved remain in our hearts forever.

If You Want to Get Over Someone, You Have to Let Yourself Be Sad First


It seems easier to just bury the sadness, but feelings find their way out eventually. Here’s a better way to handle heartbreak.

4 Words That Hurt Your Relationship


 Your words have the power to draw your relationship closer together or tear it apart.  — “I need my space.” However many times have you said that? Does this work? Over the years, I’m sure being together has been quite a journey. You’re used to each others idioms and quirks. You know when to back […]

We’re Protecting Ourselves: The Honest Reasons Why Girls Ice Guys Out


We don’t want to get our hearts broken, so it’s easier to pretend we don’t have one. But we’re actually playing the cool girl to try to keep you engaged.

Starting Over: 5 Ways to Make Dating After a Break-Up Work


Dating again after a 1-year—or 25-year—relationship ended? Here’s Dr. Margaret Rutherford’s advice for re-entering the dating world.

Why Relationship Disengagement Hurts More Than Cheating Ever Could


Why is it so much harder to recover when a partner falls out of love, stops talking to us, or even disappears?

You’re Just As Awesome After Your Breakup


Matt Shumate explains why validation and approval come from within—not from our partners.

What Happens When Love is Not Enough: 8 Ways We Allow Relationships to Fade


Relationships almost always begin with wild, head-over-heels feelings of devotion. On its own, however, love is not enough. Tamara Star reveals eight common barriers between us and long-lasting passion.