Getting Over a Breakup 101: 8 Lessons in Coping With Heartbreak


Love gives you a feeling of euphoria, and once it’s gone, you get a big slap in the face. But there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s how to find it.

The Absolute Tragedy of Watching Someone Fall Out of Love With You


Everything seems perfect. But then you wake up one morning and can just sense something is different.

The 3 Most Damaging Myths About Dating

Image Of Two Men Holding Hands At Gay Wedding

From new relationships to break ups, Jordan Gray says that these three myths about dating and relationships are the most damaging. —– When it comes to relationships, people love to blindly follow black and white rules with zero nuance. Why? Because it feels safer that way. Why tap into your own gut-level intuition when you […]

It Hurts Me, Too: What Breaking Up is Like From a Guy’s Perspective


As funny as it sounds, I’m thankful for this broken heart; I’m thankful for this sh*tty feeling because I know, deep down, she changed me and I’m better off for it.

5 Signs Your Relationship Isn’t Working and You’re Wasting Your Time

bad relationship

Every relationship you have should be the best one ever. If the one you’re in now makes you doubt that feeling, something is wrong.

For Mindful Men: No, Sex Won’t Heal Your Broken Heart


How do you heal a broken heart? Most of us have experienced this pain, but there are some important no-no’s (and mindful suggestions) to keep in mind.

An Open Letter to My Long-Term Now Ex-Girlfriend on her Wedding Day


Life takes us to places we sometimes don’t understand. But that doesn’t mean we can’t accept it.

How to Break Up With Someone; Helping Teens Deal With Emotions

a couple

Post Valentine’s Day, Teens Still Need to Learn About Love & Resiliency

How to Look Past the Sting of Rejection and See It for What It Is


It may not take away the pain, but there is always a reason for the heartache.

Here Are Nine Unfailing Ways To Finally Get Over Your Ex So You Can Meet Someone New


Go ahead, sleep with another woman (it’ll make you feel better). We have 10 more tips to help you move on from that breakup.

The Difference Between Needing, Wanting, and Loving Somebody


Keay Nigel shows us how to reevaluate our relationship status.

From Love of His Life To Not Even Friends


Brian Whitney looks back at how most of his exes aren’t his friends.

How to Survive in the 21st Century: Getting Your Kids Get Through Divorce (Nearly) Unscathed

children and divorce

The Good Men Project’s series How to Survive in the 21st Century, delivers survival-mode insight on accepting life-changing circumstances, and gives you the road map to your new normal.

Why ‘It’s Not You, It’s Me’ Is a Totally Legit Reason to Break Up

not you

It’s not just a line—a lot of the time, it’s the truth.

Why an Honest Man Will Always Give You a Reason for Ending Your Relationship

man talking to woman

It starts with little things, like letting a woman you’ve shared your bed with for months or years know why you no longer want to share your life with her.

How To Make Your Breakup Painless

Troubled couple

Jordan Gray says that breakups can be painless… if you do them correctly.