Two Things Dads Can’t Do As Well As Moms

Many think moms are better parents than dads. Scott Behson doesn’t agree, but he concedes that moms do these two things, that dads cannot do.

Nipples Don’t Kill. So Why Are Violent Images OK, but Breastfeeding Isn’t?

How did we become so hypocritical that violent images are OK, but pictures of mothers breastfeeding their children are outlawed?

Here’s Why Dads Like Me Protesting Similac’s Sisterhood Video Won’t Win This “War” and What We Can Do About It

There has been a dad outcry against how Similac ended its Mom’s War video. What could have been great, left us on the outside — again. Here is what writer Rob Watson suggests we can do about it.

Ditch the Cover: A Dad’s Feelings on Open-Air Breastfeeding

Joel Gratcyk doesn’t understand why certain parents have objections to mothers who breastfeed without covering themselves first.

Why It’s Nice to See Dads in the Trailer for BREASTMILK: The Movie

A new documentary hopes to show how new families—mothers, fathers, and children—struggle with the physical and emotional complexities of breastfeeding

“When my son was born I felt duty, responsibility and warmth, but I didn’t feel that passionate sense of lifelong love.”

When did you first bond with your child? Elise said that while that true love for her son eventually came to her, it wasn’t immediate. This can heap shame and guilt onto new parents and leave them feeling even more alone.

Why Dads Matter: A Feminist Mom’s Perspective

Anne Theriault and her husband thought they had their roles all planned out, but parenthood changed those plans.

Are You Dad Enough?

Why attachment parenting is driving some dads to extremes.

Breast Intentions: “Time” Cover Mom Ruins Son’s Life

Jamie Reidy criticizes Jamie Lynn Grumet, the mom on this week’s cover of Time with her 3-year old son’s mouth clamped on her nipple.

Craigslist Wednesday

Weird shit I found on Buffalo Craigslist this week: BJ – m4w – 29 (cheektowaga) Date: 2010-08-17, 10:36PM EDT Top of Form Reply To This Post Bottom of Form Hi, I’ve been drinkin and just want someone to come blow me. I am 6 foot tall 215 pounds and decent looking. No endless emails. if […]

The Breast Milk Revolution

Nobody remembers the breast milk craze.  It has been less than a decade, but already breast milk has passed out of the national consciousness.  We Americans used to drink breast milk the way we screwed around with Rubik’s Cubes, Simon Says handheld games, and Teddy Ruxpins.  But no one drinks breast milk anymore, not even […]