How My Son Made Me a Feminist

glitter pens

Justine Musk explores the way in which a set of glitter pens in a girlie box suddenly showed her the ways in which we are all trapped in a gender binary.

Love the Haters and Thrive Anyway

Got haters? Thrive anyway!

Dillan DiGiovanni has listened to his share of haters, and offers this solution to handling them: THRIVE!

All Available Light: Positive Parenting Energy Is Never Lost

The Whole Parent - CoParenting 100% positive

Live your life as you would like to see your kids living theirs. Show them the adults they can be, by demonstrating the best that you can be. Anything less is a miss.

Putting Your Divorce in Context, For Yourself and the Kids

the whole parent - header 3

We kept it simple when telling our kids we were getting divorced. We tried to keep our feelings in check and really listen to the kids.

The Hidden Powers of Vulnerability


Chris Kyle learned early on that he better man up and sure as hell ‘Don’t cry!’ He learned later that vulnerability makes him stronger.

Four Words that Can Change the Way We Live


There are many simple, powerful phrases we use.

Boys and Self-Loathing: The Conversations That Never Took Place


Mark Greene explores how being deeply unhappy, even in the past, is not a story men are encouraged to share.

How to Love Fearlessly

marriage, love, fighting, divorce, separation, relationships, love, families, fear of abandonment, insecurity, commitment

Do you feel secure in your relationship?

When Stress Leads to Male Bonding & Compassion

stress 1

Dr. Emma Seppala on the new evidence that men are more likely to cooperate in difficult circumstances.

Lessons Learned at The Summit of Dads


Kenny Bodanis on how the Dad 2.0 conference changed his outlook.

The Value of Choking Up

photo by pahudson

Alan Kercinik talks about finding his “why” as a father… and his emotions.

Shame Is Why We Fight


When a man can’t soothe his woman’s anxieties, he has failed to protect her. And in our culture of masculinity, failed men are expendable.

Forgiving Adultery


After cheating, a yogi learns that you have to forgive to heal.

The Uniform of Gender


Gender is like a uniform you can’t take off.

Fears for Tears: Men and Vulnerability


Jeff Perera has a story that will make you weep.

A Thousand Boomers’ Kids and World Domination


Ken Solin reports from Portland’s notorious World Domination Summit, and finds the future… hopeful.