Men, Have You Grieved for Women Yet?

Is grief appropriate? Is it healing? Jonathan Delavan shares his emotional epiphany on a sensitive issue.

Breaking Down Emotional Walls Takes Guts … I’m Not Sure I Have Any

Patrick Sallee questions the emotional wall he created and how to bring it down.

The Comparison Game

Courage is a very personal journey. What takes courage for one person to do may be a very simple task for the next person.

Treat Your Loneliness Like You Would Thirst or Hunger

Is loneliness an existential condition or a biological function?

What Happens When Men Have the Courage to Be Vulnerable

Mike Robbins has learned there is surprising power in letting people see who we really are and how we really feel.

Can We Have Connection During An Apocalypse?

How can any of us get to the place where we remove the armour, get naked, and start exposing our soft underbelly to someone else?

TED Talks Saved My Life

You are a leader on a global scale. Make your mark a positive one.

Breaking the Chain of Shame and Quieting The Voice That Says You Suck

Dr. Bill Cloke has seen the damage shame can do in men’s lives, but this cycle can be broken.

5 Surprising Ways Men Can Be More Confident in Relationships

Steve Errey advises men to drop the pretense you know everything and start acknowledging your imperfections and vulnerability.

No, You Should Not Be Ashamed of Yourself

Anthony Goulet wants you to know that in moments when you struggle with shame and are ready to sabotage an opportunity, a relationship, or simply deny a compliment, remember the people in your life who are going to miss out on being blessed through you.

Putting Your Past in Perspective

Our pasts can either empower us, or immobilize us. The choice is yours.

Maybe We’re Not Meant to Be Happy

Thomas Fiffer wonders whether happiness is hard to achieve because we’ve evolved to oppose it.

Why I’m No Longer Using the C-Word

Kozo Hattori investigates the fundamental misunderstanding about the C-word.

To Ditch the Dunce Cap

Aaron W. Voyles explores cyclical shame for men and education.

The Sex or the Love: Which Did you Lose First?

Steve Horsman doesn’t think this is about sex or love. It’s about the moment you stopped speaking your truth.

How My Son Made Me a Feminist

Justine Musk explores the way in which a set of glitter pens in a girlie box suddenly showed her the ways in which we are all trapped in a gender binary.