The Giants Win the World Series: Our Moonlight (Graham) by the Bay Club

While still savoring the Giants’ latest World Series victory, Jim Jividen pauses to reflect on the lives of the nine men who played only one career game with the San Francisco Giants.

The Totality of Things

Dear Brian Powell, I have something I’d like you to consider for your next film. You have always been about envelope pushing, pulling, mauling and disemboweling and, if I do say so myself, this piece drips envelope viscera. It’s a rough refutation of conventional ontology. INT. HOSPITAL ROOM – NIGHT The Spin Doctors’ immortal Two […]

The Brian Powell Story

Editor’s note:  What follows is as close a reconstruction of the “lost” Brian Powell Story as we could manage under these difficult circumstances.  Reader discretion is advised. [THE NEIGHBOR, played by David Leisure (aka “Joe Isuzu” from that memorable series of commercials), is IN THE DOORWAY TALKING.] THE NEIGHBOR – It’s just the music and […]