What Do Circumcision And Strip Mining Have In Common?

Forcefully removing that which we have no right to remove.

Our Bodies, Our Choices: Circumcision is Not a Joke

Tom Gualtieri of The Weeklings believes men should advocate for choice when it comes to their bodies.

Why Do We Still Circumcise Boys?

Whether childhood circumcision is acceptable or not is an ethical question, not a medical one. Chuck Ross asks, why did we ever circumcise boys?

Cutting Through The Circumcision Rhetoric

After being confronted by Intactivists for his views on circumcision, Josh Bowman wants to cut through the rhetoric of the anti-circumcision movement.

Why I Let My Son Get Snipped

Cole Gamble, who has both a foreskin and a happy sex life, never thought his wife would demand that their son get circumcised.

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