Kalaripayattu: The Origin of Martial Art

In Kerala, southern India there exists an ancient martial art which is believed to be the origin of Kung Fu and Jiu Jitsu.

A Peaceful Dignified Exit, and to All a Good Death

Death, a natural and unavoidable part of life, should be painless, peaceful, dignified and a celebration of the life that was.

Review: Poems that Make Grown Men Cry

Poetry Editor Charlie Bondhus reviews Poems that Make Grown Men Cry, a new anthology of poetry that will move even the toughest of guys.

89-Year-Old Veteran Escapes Nursing Home to Join Comrades in Normandy

Bernard Jordan, an 89-year-old-veteran, escaped from his nursing home to commemorate D-Day in Normandy.

The Crisis of Masculinity in Britain

There is a “crisis of masculinity in Britain” because of the pressures rapid economic and social change have placed on masculine identity says Diane Abbott, a senior British Politician. The rise of a “Viagra and Jack Daniels culture” is an indication of the pressure young men are under to live up to “pornified ideals.”

Why I’m Quitting Drinking in 2013

I’ve finally realized I’m no longer ‘one of the lads’ but a ‘binge drinking father figure.’

Proud to Be an American

Only by traveling abroad does Kyle Carpenter appreciate what it means to be an American.

Stay and Play: A Guide to Etiquette

You can’t just dump your kids off and start drinking. What do you think this is, the Chuck E. Cheese?

Soccer’s Mad Men

JP Pelosi investigates how handshakes and martinis impact international soccer.

Guestpost #77: Helen Parker – Ten things I’ve learned since the Royal Wedding of Will and Kate

Note: I received this guestpost out of the blue. Apparently, this wedding was kind of a big deal over there in the UK. Note2: Helen supports Buy British including Jack Russell Clothing, Barbour and Mulberry.  I am proud to be British.  I like (and appreciate) other people’s weddings more now I am married myself.  A wedding […]

Movies: DeObia Oparei (@DeObia) and Rakie Ayola Stars In Judge Dredd Reboot

Two Black faces join the march towards justice in the reboot of the brutal British property.

The 10 at 10

Clooney hangs out with Berlusconi, Denny’s puts bacon on ice cream, and the greatest rivalry in sports.

Guestpost #19: Jen Littlewood – Ten things I learned from “suffering” from English repression

Jen is a terrific performer and an extremely funny person in an understated (read: British) way. Here is her bio: Jen has lived in Wakefield, Nottingham, London, Chicago, and Toronto. She has worked in a theatre, a bar, a strip club (not in that way), another theatre, another bar, a bedroom/office space, an improv theatre, […]

Breaking News: Chicken Comes Before Egg

Wait… we’re still confused.