Life Lessons for Kids From the Tony Awards

What children can learn from Broadway’s winners (and losers.)

Ripples from the “Hamilton” Wave

When we buy stuff with cash and even save money in the bank, these United States systems have Alexander Hamilton to thank.

A Shout Out to America

Field Trip of a Lifetime: Thousands of New York City students are set to experience “Hamilton,” the year’s hottest Broadway ticket.

Brand New Day: The Wiz LIve

Alex Yarde & his munchkins marveled at NBC’s revival of The Wiz.

Is There Anything George Takei Can’t Do?

At 77, George Takei is still raising awareness…and eyebrows.

Out Broadway Performer Antuan Raimone is Making a Difference in the Lives of Students at His High School

Live Out Loud’s Homecoming Project sends happy and successful LGBT adults back to their hometown high schools to share their knowledge, experience, and life lessons with the current student body.

1996: Guyhood … the Early Years (Part 1)

While you chewed your Betty Rubble vitamin, what else happened in 1996?

I am a Man and I Like Musicals

Christian Clifton wonders why it is so strange for a man to enjoy musicals and wants more guys to be willing to embrace them.

Below Union Square

“Like in the Russian curse” Poem by Anna Halberstadt

Avenue Q Heads North to Canada

One of New York’s most hilarious, tongue-in-cheek puppet shows makes its way to the Great White North.

Working Jobs and Making Marriage Work

They say the best thing for a family with children is a stable schedule and routine. But what to do when one parent is an actor?

Stage: Stick Fly Enlightens With @AliciaKeys, @DuleHill, @TracieThoms & @MekhiPhifer

A fantastic collection of talents brings a compelling family drama to the Broadway stage.

I Was Supposed to Die

Robert Levithan thought he was headed for his deathbed, but 15 years later he’s still cherishing life.

A Boy and His Queen

“Priscilla Queen of the Desert” is a Good Men Project Magazine kind of story, says Tom Matlack.

‘Can We Tell It Like It Really Happened?’: On Race and ‘The Scottsboro Boys’

Facing protests, Broadway production “The Scottsboro Boys” will close this Sunday. Tom Matlack argues that the show was misunderstood.