10 Years Later, Brokeback Mountain Still Has People Talking

Remember that little art house movie about two gay ranch hands that no one was supposed to see? Ten years after its release, it’s still got people talking.

Beyond LGBT’s 4 M’s: Marriage, Military, Media & Money

Professor Warren Blumenfeld reflects on the past, present and future of the LGBT movement.

A Reel Education: What My Father Taught Me at the Movies

I’ve learned the most from my dad when we’re sitting in the dark with our mouths closed, my head on his shoulder as the opening credits flicker into place.

The Help: Will Oscar Get It Wrong Again?

Mark Radcliffe hopes the Academy learns from past mistakes and takes a risk… for once.

The Top 10 ‘Good Men’ Movies

These are movies about the men we want to be, the men we actually are, and the men we’re glad we aren’t.

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