7 Signs You’ve Discovered Your Bro-Mate


Eric Shapiro on how to tell if a guy friend is legit: he grows with you, he gets along with your lady, and keeps the drama to a minimum.

“Do the Men of Magic Mike XXL Surprise You? “


Pride parades, hanging out naked, talking about their diets. Maybe these guys aren’t what you’d expect.

Why The Michael Sam Kiss Freaked Me Out


A ‘typical’, beer drinking, hetero guy saw Michael Sam’s Draft Day kiss. Here’s his honest reaction.

Why Are These Two Navy Dudes Doing a Lip Sync to Frozen? [Video]

navy baseball dillan frozen photo

Dillan DiGiovanni is curious why they did it, but all that really matters is, it’s awesome.

To My Bros: 5 Tips From Your Best Woman Friend

to my bros

Theresa Byrne is a pretty forward thinking woman always had quite a few male friends. She has five good tips for you.

The Most Important Guy Code. EVER.

guy code 2

Really dude? The bathroom’s empty, don’t stand next to me.

Calling For a New Type of Male Bonding

dudes at  beach

Jeff Tomczek believes men have an opportunity to create better friendships with each other.

“It is totally okay for men have close, loving relationships with other guys.”


This is a comment by Miguel on the post “Close Male Friendship Appreciation”.

Saturday Night Live: Seriously Bro (No Homo)


Prison rape is no laughing matter, especially in the hands of the bros at Saturday Night Live.

Bro-ing Alone


College-age “bros,” writes Oliver Lee Bateman, have an extensive bro-cabulary for their describing their exploits, but don’t say much about sex.

Man Up: The CEO of Light Beer Takes Issue With Miller Lite

Miller Lite

Tom Higgins doesn’t want Miller Lite using his beer in their commercials.

Franklin and Bash-athon: We’ve Come to the End

Franklin and Bash

On the season finale of ‘Franklin and Bash,’ the lawyer bros work a murder trial.