Best Birthday Surprise: A Brother Returns Home

Hey Sister, I'll come back from Guatemala

Nicolas makes a surprise come-back from 19 month trip to celebrate his sister’s birthday. Beautiful.

Cinderella’s Brother


A deeply moving poem from Valerie Lute about the human connection between men and women, brothers and sisters, and how we sometimes fail to live up to our obligations to one another.

What’s In a Name: When Brothers Bully


Our stereotypical image of a bully is an outsider, a stranger, a mean kid at school. But that wasn’t Jonathan Curelop’s experience.

Simon Rodia Builds the East Tower of Nuestro Pueblo to Honor His Brother Killed in a Coal Mine Accident


In paying tribute to Simon Rodia, the Italian-American builder of the L.A. Watts Towers, William Kelley Woolfitt offers a compelling meditation on the ties that bind brothers together.

Don’t Watch This in Public: A Brother’s Beautiful Gift

Bride special dance

Tweet Nick is a fantastic brother. His amazing gesture at his sister’s wedding is a tearjerker. — Andrea is the bride. She’s lost her father before her wedding and received a special surprise during the father-daughter wedding dance: her brother sang and danced in his honor. Watch this touching moment between her and the whole […]

Dear Brother

Jacob Tucker Brother

Jacob Tucker’s brother just turned 24. And it’s time Jacob told him what he really thinks about him.

Death of a Brother. Death of a Warrior.

Red tailed hawk photo by open content

Jamie Gilroy goest to pay his final respects to an old friend and finds himself frozen in time.

I Love When Men Call Me Brother

brotherhood-by mezuni-flickr

John Brier discovers why being referred to as Brother feels so good

In Spite of Leaked Sex Tape, Minister Shows Support for Kevin Terry

Stanley Carter2

With two children out of wedlock, church musician Stanley Carter says he refuses to cast judgment on the embattled male gospel singer caught on camera in a sexual act.

Why My Dad Is the Coolest Guy I Know

Patrick Brothwell

After all these years together Pat Brothwell finally realizes what makes his dad so cool.

A Son’s Pioneering Role Model Mom


Bruce Tretter remembers his mother on her 91st birthday and the example she is in his life.



As I stand under an apricot tree, a golden set of stairs appears.

Tennis Legend Andre Agassi Opens Up [Sponsored]

open up andre agassi

Check out this amazing new video featuring a rare glimpse inside the mind and heart of tennis superstar Andre Agassi, who introduces us to his trainer and brother, two people who inspire him greatly in his craft and life.

Cooking as a Way of Life


For Howard Lewis, cooking is not just a thing you do, but an expression of family and love.

“I Don’t Want to Be in My Brother’s Wedding”


What are your suggestions?

“When any substance, illegal or not, grabs one’s soul, that person is just a statistic-in-waiting; not much humanity left.”


This comment is from Paul Winkler to the author of the post about her brother, “What Marijuana Means to Me”.