After 50 Years, I Sent Back My College Fraternity Pin

“I felt better after purging my memory of the sham and false brotherhood.”

What Death and Tragedy Taught Me About Living Life

I asked the FBI agent if my brother was okay. What happened next changed our lives. — There is an audio version at the end. The phone rang and woke me up. It was 4 am in the morning, but I still answered. It was an FBI agent. He said, “Ted, we found your brother and your family […]

The Day My Daughters Found Out That I Cry

When confronted with the reality that his dog was dying only weeks after the loss of his brother-in-law, Brian Gawlak was shocked to learn his three daughters had never seen him cry.

Dear Divorced Parents, Could Divorce Make Your Kids Lives Better?

An adult child of divorce faces the facts that good did come out of it for this man and his brother.


Maura Alia Badji’s poem about a sister, a brother, and a jock strap is funny and, in a surprising way, tender.

After Visiting My Brother in Prison

Justin Jannise explores past and present, inside and outside, in this moving poem of family and uncertainty.

What This Big Brother Wanted to Know About His Little Sister

When one little boy met his brand-new sister, his parents were surprised by one big question.v

My Brother is Much More Than My Arms and Legs

Because of my muscle wasting disease, I have very little physical ability, but for the most part, I never notice it, and a large reason for that has always been my brother’s endless willingness to help me.


In a poem that some will find creepy and others will find darkly funny, Ann Clark reminds us that the people we love often hide secrets.

How My Brother Has Taught Me That There are Still Good Men Left in This World

There are good men in this world (and men, there are good women, too). One bad guy does not make all guys bad.

My Brother’s Future Wife Is a Mail-Order Bride

Marriage should be about love and partnership, not politics and servitude.

Disney, Mom, and the Fear of Angry Women

A Loving Mom and Disney Set-up Unrealistic Expectations for Steven Lake When Coping With Women’s Anger

Why Romantic Love Isn’t The Most Important Love You Should Pursue In Life

Lauren Martin on all the love to be found around us.

I’ll Tell Your Brother Years From Now

Loss and longing permeate this offering from Bryan Borland, an intensely lyrical, deeply imagistic remembrance of a departed brother.

Best Birthday Surprise: A Brother Returns Home

Nicolas makes a surprise come-back from 19 month trip to celebrate his sister’s birthday. Beautiful.

Cinderella’s Brother

A deeply moving poem from Valerie Lute about the human connection between men and women, brothers and sisters, and how we sometimes fail to live up to our obligations to one another.