To All the Brothers in My Life

Being a brother means a lot of things, it just doesn’t always mean sharing blood.

The Elemental Brotherhood Men’s Retreat

During our event you will enjoy a unique opportunity to experience brotherhood, in an atmosphere of relaxation, magic and adventure.

Finding Fraternity After College

So many men never get one opportunity for real brotherhood in their lives, and we’re all searching for it either actively or passively.

What Does A Men’s Group Have That My Poker Group Doesn’t?

I hear this question come up sometimes when I speak in front of people who are new to the concept of a men’s group, “Why do I need this? I have a poker group, what’s the difference?” Maybe nothing, maybe a lot. It depends on the men’s group and the poker group in question.

After 50 Years, I Sent Back My College Fraternity Pin

“I felt better after purging my memory of the sham and false brotherhood.”

Which is Better the Card or the Gum?

Sean Croghan’s early confrontation with the things boys thought were cool.

Sons of War: The Hidden Story Behind Brotherhood

Two survivors of the war between Iraq and Iran were separated in the chaos by enemy lines, but were reunited more than twenty years later.

To My Brother, Who Is My Cousin: A Plea for Family

How are we all really “connected” as they say? An only child, Jeremy McKeen contemplates the power of close friendship and writes a passionate plea regarding the idea of family. — To my dear brother, my own kin, my side-by-side man, who is my cousin – I celebrate you, us, life itself, our mothers. There is […]

Men’s Conscious Brotherhood; One to Another

Men’s Movement Founder Calls Older Men to Help With Emotional Health – Young men have been led to believe that there is a superior state of being, called the ”real man” which is in dichotomy with a “weak man” or God forbid: a “woman.” This concept of a “real man” has been developed over many […]

Poetry in Exile

Nature inspires us all. Even in the cold confines of Prison.

Men, We Are Our Brothers’ Keepers

“It’s important to be open and willing to extend yourself as a brother because there are men who are waiting for your fellowship, are missing your fellowship, and desire to have a closer relationship with you. “

What a Pair of Great Big Apes Taught Me About Brotherhood

“Little moments of brotherhood deserve our attention, even when they happen between a pair of great, big, hairy apes,” writes N.C. Harrison.

My Brother is Much More Than My Arms and Legs

Because of my muscle wasting disease, I have very little physical ability, but for the most part, I never notice it, and a large reason for that has always been my brother’s endless willingness to help me.