He Will Need a Sister–Selling Brothers Short

Selling brothers short

Ashley Lynch-Mahoney on raising boys who will offer one another life-long support.

Dancing Without Her Father

Dancing Without Her Father

When a bride loses her father before her wedding, the men in her family step up. Keep your tissues handy.

Mentoring Begins at Home


Michael Taylor Urges: “Now is the time to begin mentoring our young.”

A Father Leaves, and a Dad Steps In

Josh Magill dad

Josh Magill and his brother don’t share the same biological father. But they share the perfect role model—the guy they both call “dad”.

I Lost My Brother When I Had Kids: When Siblings Disappear

I Lost My Brother When I Had Kids: When Siblings Disappear

Chris Bernholdt thought that having kids would only make his family bigger. That wasn’t the case.

Brothers and Keepers: How I Learned to Love My Brother

fire- benwatts-flickr

Elvis Alves is learning to love his brother despite his troubled past.

Music Paradise or When the Blues Man Overstays his Visit


Riffing on classic Biblical stories, Elvis Alves gives us music, rivalry, sex, and the devil…everything you need for a good blues song.

He’s Come This Far, 76 Pounds to be Exact.

John Tabourn FB 2

It was a struggle all his life to lose weight, but now John Tabourn says “I’ve found the person inside.”

A Teenage Boy’s Letter to His Older Brother Leaving Home

boys letter to his brother by author

Gabriel Goldstein sends off his older brother to military service with a moving portrait of their brotherly bond.

A Thankful Video: From Amazing Kids With Heart Defects

chd, #chdawareness, video, heart, defects, kids, children, thankful, brothers

This is what thankful looks like.

Thank God for Community

photo by samjuk

Roger Torbert has seen the change since God put men in his life to help and support him.

My Parents Taught Me Four Things. They Finally Sunk In.

photo by phineas h

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Nick Jurczak reflects on the various lessons that his parents taught him that you’ll never learn in college.

Parenting on a Budget or the Lack Thereof

grocery, grocer, groceries, food, shelves, store, market, bodega, aisle

You can’t buy happiness, and I’m not one to put a price on it; however, I am open to leasing options. For the children.

Movember: The Bottom Line is the Top Lip

mustache, moustache, movember, honea, boys, kids

Whit Honea is going full mustache this Movember, and he has some pretty awesome teammates.

Closed Doors

photo (7)

A letter from motivational speaker Richard Taylor about life’s revolving doors.

Love and Losing: A Bonding Story

philly, philadelphia, love

What is more important when picking a favorite sports team: tradition or location? Larry Bernstein shares losing, love, and baseball with his 9-year-old son.