In this Brotherhood, the Tie that Binds is Animal Rights

Brothers Justin and Jared Goodman are the architects behind some of PETA’s biggest victories.

Mental Health Can Sometimes Evoke Feelings of Selfishness

Jennifer Guinyard LMSW says that dealing with a loved one with mental illness can evoke feelings of selfishness.

Call for Submissions: Being Brotherly

A lot of focus is put on men as husbands, fathers and children. But let’s not forget the important role that men play as brothers.

Brothers Pull A Hilarious Zombie Prank on Their Sister

One of the best things about having siblings is planning out the next big prank.

Question of the Day: How can You Honor Your Brother (or Sister) Today?

April 10 is National Siblings Day. Let’s honor your brother(s) and/or your sister(s).

Gay Twins Come Out to Each Other, Then to Mom

What happens when not one, but two brothers, come out to their mom?

Call for Submissions – My Brother is My Hero Because …

Our “For The Love of Men” section wants to share your stories about what makes your brother special.

The Top 10 Reasons Being a Boy Mom Rocks

Being the mother of two awesome sons is the best thing since… the Barbie Dream House.

Johnny Walker Ad Celebrates Brothers in the Most Poigniant Way

Film Students Daniel Titz and Dorian Lebherz from Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, created a minute and a half masterpiece celebrating the bond between brothers.

The Glow of Gratitude: My Lesson in Christmas, Men and Privilege

Not all gifts have to come in a bow. Erin Kelly reflects on the ones that mean the most to her.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

One grunge rock anthem reveals the connections and disconnections between two brothers.

Why Winning Isn’t Everything: Our Boys Can Teach Us More

How “boys will be boys” needs to go and “for the love of the game” is the only way to play

What Coming Out Taught Me About Myself

Josh Friedburg is proud of his coming out, but also realized he needed to make some changes in his own mind.

The City Dump

Oklahoma Poet Laureate Benjamin Myers writes of men and brotherhood, and how healing can occur in unexpected places.

Siblings In The Scrum: Long History Of Brothers Makes Rugby A Family Affair

Jessica Pinchbeck documents different sets of brothers on different rugby teams, showing how the ties of a rugby family are pretty thick.

How Raising Boys Has Made Me a Better Mom

I learn as much from my sons as I hope they learn from me