5 Reasons Your Brother Is a Freakin’ Gift


Having a brother isn’t luck. It’s winning the lottery.

16 Ways Growing Up With a Sister Makes You an All Around Better Man


Thanks to her, you have a better understanding of women in general.

‘The Gift': Every Hour is Precious

the gift

In March of 1886, at the age of 26, acclaimed Russian author and physician Anton Chekhov wrote this fascinating and honest letter of advice to his troubled older brother, Nikolai.

Weird Things Brothers Fight About

things brothers fight about

Stinky feet, who got to the elevator first, and why you didn’t make it to the NBA. Do you fight with your bro about this stuff? (video)

Men, We Are Our Brothers’ Keepers

brothers keeper

“It’s important to be open and willing to extend yourself as a brother because there are men who are waiting for your fellowship, are missing your fellowship, and desire to have a closer relationship with you. “

Fighting Evil to Equal Rights, Emma Watson is an Exceptional Muggle!

Emma Watson

From fighting Lord Voldemort and his evil followers to championing equal human rights for women, girls, men and boys, Emma Watson has joined a critical fight, and not a moment too soon.

My Big Brother

my big brother

What would life be like if your brother was an actual giant?

Man With Cerebral Palsy + Awesome Brother = Completed Ironman


Peder Mondrup’s incredible and inspiration story shared through photos.

7 Reasons Why Men With Sisters Make Some Of The Best Boyfriends


Who knew that guys with sisters made the best mates? A young female writer did. Here’s what she realized.

Grooms Aren’t the Only Ones Who Surprise Brides [Video]


We hear about sweet things grooms do on their wedding days. But what about other men who matter to the bride?

Why Does Man Choose Hate Over Love? Ask Dostoevsky


Michael Amity takes a look at one of Fyodor’s finest.

Desperate Measures


Using images of war, Steven Riel writes on a rivalry between brothers…and the ensuing fallout.

A Father’s Touching Musical Tribute to His Two Young Sons

A Father’s Touching Musical Tribute to His Two Young Sons

Ken Richter’s sons are getting older, so he decided to celebrate their childhood and their bond as brothers through song.

10 Things Young Fathers Should Say to Themselves and why it Matters

1Young Father Stock

Andre Dandridge, Founder of NewYoungFathers.com, gives advice to young men with new families.

He Will Need a Sister–Selling Brothers Short

Selling brothers short

Ashley Lynch-Mahoney on raising boys who will offer one another life-long support.