10 Ways to Avoid Misery, Despair and Depression This Holiday Season


Ira Israel reveals that authentic well-being means getting off the hedonistic treadmill and instead cultivating these surprisingly simple habits for happiness.

Count Your Scars as the Number of Times You’ve Been Healed, not Wounded

Count your Scars

Forgiveness is a choice many never make due to not understanding that blame is self-harm, while forgiveness is the highest act of self-love.



In this tight little poem, Hansa Bergwall captures the ambivalence some men feel towards religion.

The One Thing Crucial to Moving Forward After Being Hurt


The hardest part of moving forward is allowing ourselves to forgive, Orin J Hahn has a few role models on why that is the most important step.

Life is Short, and Urgent


Guy McPherson reminds us that we should strive to “make our lives worthy of the few years we spend on this most wondrous of planets.”

Soul Bites: Light a Little Happiness

light a little happiness

The Buddha reminds you that you can spare a light.

How to Be a Purposeful Man


Matthew Hoffman felt out of his element as man until he realized the importance of purpose.

On Suffering (and How to Fit the Entire Human Race into a Single Sugar Cube)


I thought I deserved to suffer, but when I discovered the true purpose of suffering, it was transformational.

Questioning Culture: Shades of Existential Gray


How do we distinguish what we want from what we need?

10 Tips: Divorce For Grownups


A straightforward plan to heal from a divorce.

A Buddhist Meditation Practice for the Boston Marathon Tragedy


Lodro Rinzler describes a practice that “enables us to be open, vulnerable and yet offers strength within that context.”

Would the Buddha Look at Porn?


Buddhist American Keith Andresen is torn between culture and faith.

Grace: An Excerpt from PANORAMA CITY


“I kept having realizations, and then when I tried to remember them, or recall them, in words, I mean, I couldn’t seem to put them back together.” By Antoine Wilson

A Death and a Birth


Rolf Gates tells the story of his sister’s death and daughter’s birth, and how they helped him become a better man.

True American Gods


Carl Pettit explains how Superman, Iron Man, Batman, the Incredible Hulk, and Spider-Man became the American Titans.

Row, row, row your boat


Strange dreams in India lead to a self-realization