What to Do If You’re Being Bullied

Nearly one third of all students, or 13 million kids, are bullied each year. Wellcast offers some ways to stop the epidemic in its tracks.

“They have every right in the world to defend themselves.”

Violence In The Everyday Lives Of Our Boys

How Being A Momma’s Boy Is Totally Bad Ass

Himay Zepeda has been called a momma’s boy, and he totally digs that. Here’s why.

Tomorrow’s Headline: Dude Found Unconscious and Bloody in Elevator

Tsach Gilboa, with a cautionary tale dedicated to the young guy who tried to pick a fight in the Santa Monica gym elevator.

Students Victimized for Perceived Sexual Orientation

A new study finds that students bullied because they are believed to be gay are much more likely than others to be suicidal and depressed.

“When I went to forgive those who had bullied me in school, they had no idea what they had done to me.”

This is a comment by Anonymous on the post “Should We Forgive Apologetic Bullies?”

“Peer bullying does not cause suicide all by itself.”

This is a comment by wellokaythen on the post “Gay Teen Suicide Victim Was Bullied”.