Comment of the Day: ‘Kids were just trying to get a rise out of me’

Adults weren’t always helpful. I learned to rely on my own resources.

Choosing the Man Over the Bully and the Boy

The choice isn’t always between the Bully and the Boy.

Bubble Parenting

Protecting our children from hurt is impossible and it is also a bad idea.

Mediation With Workplace Bullies

Understanding that bullying is a pattern of behavior, can this pattern of behavior change with enough pressure?

Win-Win Always Trumps Creating Losers

You don’t have to make people lose to win. In fact, it is usually a bad long-term strategy.

Great Warriors Count Coup. What are You?

Our world changed in an instant, so Rudy DeuceTruth breaks down fear, enemies, and engagement without fighting.

Two Words and Five Strategies That Keep Your Kid Safe From Bullying

A lot of bullying these days is cyber, either through cell phones or online activities. Here are five strategies I’ve taught my son to guard him against being bullied.

What My 5 Year Old Taught Me When She Stood Up To Bullying

His daughter stood up to bullying and taught him what it takes to be fearless.  — In honor of bullying prevention month I’ve decided to share a story about my daughter that I think could help all of us understand what we can do to prevent bullying. … she wasn’t thinking about the consequences of […]

Why We Need to Ease Up on Ourselves

Theresa Byrne believes the path to personal improvement is through self-compassion, not self-bullying.

The Artist and the Bully

“Nobody’s Special!” The Bully poured these words over a student at my daughter’s school. Tears marched down her cheeks and into her soul.

The Darker Side of Ambition

John Havens grapples with the remnants of his childhood bullying: an unrelenting and damaging “I’ll show you” ambition.

A Bully Pushed Around the Wrong Young Boxer

A young man finds the courage to take a stand.

Rudolph’s Dad Is a Jerk: What My Daughter Taught Me About Modern Christmas

Jim Gray watches his all-time favorite Christmas Special with his daughter, and is taken aback by her insightfulness. When did things change?

Abercrombie Making a Switch? I’m Not Buying It

A&F supporting anti-bullying efforts and championing allies all sounds good until you review its track record … and the cognitive dissonance begins.

Comment of the Day: ‘Our nation is viewed by many populations as the bully of the world. Our kids notice this.’

This comment appeared on the post: What’s Unusual About Sayreville’s Locker Room Sexual Assaults? Nothing.

“Mom, You’re a Bully.”

What are we teaching our kids when we don’t practice what we preach about bullying?