It’s the Permanence of Online Abuse that Makes Cyberbullying so Damaging for Children


Online bullies know their spite remains online indefinitely, that’s why they do it.

Public School is Not a Very Queer Place

Public School i Not a Very Queer Place  striatic:Flickr

It is well time for the public school system to integrate LGBT studies into the curriculum.

Ending Bullying: Being an UPstander, No Matter Who You Are


Jamie Utt wonders how many people stay silent in the face of bullying, and helps us teach kids to be UPstanders, not bystanders.

Stand Up and Speak Up against Bullying using your Gully Face

The Gully Face Project

A new project that is challenging bullying: The Gully Face campaign encourages individuals to use a facial expression, known as the Gully Face, as an act of strength against bullying.

Social Media Users Won’t Fight Cyberbullying Until they Imagine What it’s Like to be Bullied


The voice of many drowns out the suffering of a few on social media. But these platforms must do more to reduce cyberbullying.

Top Ape Syndrome – How to Give Up the Chest Thumping Without Giving Up Power


Challenging the idea that a rise to power is connected to a show of power, Rena Delevie suggests that innovation, loyalty, and sales actually stem from collaboration and compassion.

What Andrew Solomon Provides Us All With His Story of Gay Fatherhood

andrew copy

Dillan DiGiovanni is inspired by Andrew Solomon’s vulnerability and courage as a gay father, and as a gay man.

Dear Parents, Let’s Talk About Kids and Gender Roles


Gretchen Edwards-Bodmer is raising a happy and joyful son without following rigid gender roles or rules. And she wants you to understand why.

Dear Kevin Williamson, Laverne Cox Is A Woman

laverne cox

Kevin Williamson of the National Review wrote an article calling Laverne Cox a man. Here’s why he’s so very wrong.

“Does Defending Stereotyping of Men, Help Cause the Problem?”

Man Up

Not All Men

Not All Men

not all men

Luke Davis responds to those men claiming not all men are like the Californian Shooter Elliot Rodger.

My Pal the Bully

pal-Eric Lewis

When Jon Magidsohn’s son and one of his friends have a falling out, Dad wonders what part of the story he’s not hearing.

“They have every right in the world to defend themselves.”

Stand up to bully

Violence In The Everyday Lives Of Our Boys

Violence In The Everyday Lives Of Our Boys


Does being a guy mean that you have to fight?

Join Me in the Classroom, Mayor Hamilton, and Tell My Students to “Grow a Pair”

Porterville, California, Mayor, Cameron Hamilton, grow a pair

Porterville County Mayor Cameron Hamilton’s message to targets of bullying generalizes and negates the bullied child’s experience.

To Tackle School Bullying, We Need to Change The Entire Conversation


Tim Jones-Yelvington believes calling violence and harassment “bullying” minimizes what is actually happening in kids’ daily lives.