I Hate Bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and Doyin Richards shares how he believes bullying can be stopped once and for all.

How Would You Confront Your Childhood Bully?

If you were bullied as a young person, would you, as an adult, try to talk to your bully? This YouTuber did, and the response wasn’t what you might expect.

Dear John: When ‘I Do’ Becomes ‘I Don’t Anymore’

Dear John takes on ended romances, pacifists with husbands training their children on how to self-defend, and girlfriends with no filters on Facebook.

His Daughter Was Bullied in School So He Wrote Her a Song

Replacing the ugly words in someone’s head is actually one of the most wonderful anti-bullying tactics around.

The Line Between Protecting and Hindering Your Daughters

‘Am I helping or hurting my coming-of-age daughter?’ Edgar Wilson boldly examines that question.

Open Letter to Parents of Gay Kids: This Is Not About You

It’s back-to-school time. If you have, or even know, an LGBT kid, tune in.

Seeking a New and Better Life: On Migrants and Refugees, Dads, and Changing Times

“Stop building walls and start building doors.” Inside the Conversation at The Good Men Project.

To Anyone I Ever Bullied: I Am Truly Sorry

Scotty Schrier reflects on being bullied as a child, and how he turned into the very thing he loathed most.

Donald Trump: The Bully at the Pulpit

Do we truly understand our own complicity in the bullying we see in our schools and in the pulpit? Until we address such behavior, we will never truly solve the problem

Why Men Choose Punishment Over Compassion

Does punishment always work best when a compassionate, curious exploration of behavior is available? Many of us grow up with an understanding that when we do something wrong we should be held responsible. Does that necessarily mean we need to be punished for it?

Why This Son Loves His Parents and the Family They Made

There is no one definition of family. Daniel Student learned this as his reshaped after the death of his father.

Dads Play a Crucial Role in Teaching Kids that Prejudice and Bullying Must Stop

Classroom lessons aren’t enough. It takes involvement from parents to make the lessons last.

What Made Him Become the Drunkest Guy in the Room

Years of bullying made Matt Cain look for a way to be accepted. It took many more years for him to realize what happened.

5 Instagram Dangers Every Dad With a Daughter Needs to Know

Tor Constantino shares parental precautions for the #1 photo-sharing site among kids.

How to Help Your Child Deal with Bullying

Matt Gannon’s childhood choice suggests a new way to teach kids how to handle harassment and other hardships.

“She Shouldn’t Have Taken the Picture” Is No Longer Acceptable in Response to Revenge Porn. Bravo, John Oliver!

Tracy Bennett explains how revenge porn is legal in most states and countries, leaving victims with little recourse for protection.