Why Bullying Needs More Efforts to Stop it

Bullying leads to both short-term and long-term adverse consequences.

Simply Punishing Students for Bullying Will not Address the Problem

Anti-bullying laws can both help and hurt students.

The Courage of Vulnerability: Becoming Better & More Whole Men

Showing our emotions is a strength.

The Terrorism of Depriving Self-Definition

When people kill themselves because of the way someone makes them feel, they are being terrorized.

Comment of the Day: ‘Man up, son!’

Negative words can devastate children and shut them down emotionally.

Raising a Digital Kid Without Having Been One (TEDx)

In an age of social media, why haven’t we been able to teach our kids how to be bully-proof and kind online?

Paul Ryan Needs a U.S. History Refresher Course

Brush up on your history; Republican DO have a history of bigotry and playing on people’s prejudices.

Bullied Because He Was Gay: One Boy’s Childhood Heroes Came To The Rescue

To survive, children unconsciously adapt to those who care for them—or to those who neglect and abuse them. Here’s how Tony Orlando and Dawn saved one man’s life.

Social Norms Aren’t Global Norms: Coming to Terms with My Version of Masculinity

When your society has taught you to doubt your masculinity, discovering that other cultures accept you for who you are can be liberating.

When the Bullying Comes Back to Haunt You

Teen who spread rumor about gay teacher learns his lesson twenty years later.

Steve Grand Launches Music Video Celebrating Queer-Gender Kids

“We Are the Night” celebrates transgender and other ostracized youth with dance and celebration.

How To Talk To Your Son About Hazing

Hazing has been one of the few constants in an ever-changing social atmosphere for young people. It’s an equally important conversation topic with your son as the birds and the bees.

5 Young Men Take a Stand Against Bullying at Their School and Change a Life

Here is how good boys become Good Men.

What Happened When a Young Girl Invited President Obama to Dine With Her LGBT Family

A little girl writes to President Obama and invites him to dinner. She never expected this to happen.

There Will Be Bullies: How My Son Internalizes What We Do at The Good Men Project

My ten-year-old son, no longer a little boy, is empowered, and practices what I preach

Taming Man’s Savage Ways

Can mankind put aside greed and envy in the New Year and focus on self-awareness and solving problems instead?