Do You Trust Sex With Strangers?

Listen to your instinct, that’s where trust starts

Make the Last Days of Summer With Your Kids Count

Summer’s nearly over and school’s around the corner. So make the most of playtime with your kids.

Return to the Wild: The Death of Chris McCandless 22 Years Later

Trying to imitate Chris McCandless’ life doesn’t mean you have to follow him to his death.

Teaching Kids to Deal With Bullies

Chris Bernholdt tries to teach his kids by example. It sounds like his son has been paying attention.

Searching for a Good, Stiff Breeze in Denali National Park

Deep inside the glorious Denali National Park, Dan Szczesny and his wife have to run from predators—but probably not the sort they expected.

This Teen Walked 10 Miles in the Snow for a Job Interview and Got One Before He Arrived (Video)

Need some hope? This is what happens when determination meets a good heart.

How to Ride a Bus

Josh Bowman is spending the next couple of weeks offering tips on how to do basic activities (you’re welcome). Today: riding a bus.

Don’t Take Yourself So Fucking Seriously

To laugh at oneself is enlightenment.

Guestpost #78: Jeremy Jacobson – Ten things I’ve learned from taking the bus to go to work at 6:12am everyday

#7 Timing is everything

In the Mouth

In this week’s “Love, Recorded,” baby Grace has her first kiss, and Matt misses it.

55 Years in School: Beyond the Beltway, A 60 hour field trip

Carl Bosch reflects on his recent field trip to our nation’s capital with a host of 8th graders.

Ten things I've learned from the Toronto Transit Commission

There used to be advertisements in subways encouraging students to present their student ID cards. The name on the IDs was “B Havin” as in “behaving.” I remember this in high school, because my friend Chris wrote a letter to the newspaper about how insulting these ads were.  Put your finger on your seat before […]

Bus Morning feb 17

Bus Morning feb 17

Ten things I've learned from having a penis

Adjusting is a critical action throughout a man’s day. You don’t want your balls to get crushed, you don’t want to sit on your balls, you don’t want anything getting too warm/sweaty/itchy/squishy/bumpy/inappropriately erect. Most of my other body parts don’t care too much if I pay attention to them. They are like having lizards for […]


When James Houghton lost his cool one morning, his daughters kept theirs—and got themselves to school like big girls.