Community Healing Starts With One Out of Work Friend

Sun Cedar is staffed by the formerly incarcerated and the homeless.

Meet the New Non-Hookup Sites

In a move that seems both ethical and unusual, two men’s dating apps are warning some users not to hook-up.

Integrity Is Vital, but Often Hard to Find, in the Corporate World

Personal integrity and corporate integrity aren’t always the same thing. Too often, people are forced to choose between their personal values and their company’s values.

No More BS: My Top 5 Biggest Career Regrets

I wish I hadn’t taken that job for the money.

A Real CEO To Explains How Most People Screw Up Networking

Greg Isenberg has cracked the networking code.

Uber Disgusting: Safety At a (Surging) Price

Uber charged people in Australia surge pricing as they were trying to get out of the area of the hostage crisis. David Shechtman looks at the possible reasons why, but wonders about the patterns he is seeing in the company.

4 Ways Conflict Can Be Your Key to Happiness

Conflict doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, it can open you to new possibilities for greater happiness and fulfillment.

Nobre Fashion and Noble Men

NOBRE fights social evils with fashion that polishes the qualitative features of a man!

The New Rules of Tolerance: You Can Hate, But You Can’t Lead

Understanding that the law treats corporations as people puts Brendan Eich’s ouster from Mozilla in perspective: It’s not personal—it’s just business.

Does This Theme Park Make Me Look Fat?

Kile Ozier, a writer who works in entertainment wonders: Do we have an obligation to be honest when things fall short?

A Modern Day ‘Harvest of Shame’: Uncovering the Abuse of Blue Collar Temp Workers

A Modern Day ‘Harvest of Shame’

Dear RadioShack

Ken Goldstein loves the geeks and nerds at RadioShack. And he would hate to see the brand join the other tombstones in the Dead Brand Graveyard.

Faux Philanthropy Ain’t Fooling Me

Polly Chester is frustrated with the phony altruism orchestrated by trans and multi-national corporations.

The Complete List of Secrets for Men and Women to Better Sex, Happiness and World Peace

1. Leave people better than you found them. That’s it.

Why Integrity And A Moral Compass Are Essential To Success In The Cut-Throat Business World

Whatever you do in business and in life, keep your moral compass on track. Gurbaksh Chahal discusses the principles he’s embraced for success.

Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Are Setting You Up For Failure

Gurbaksh Chahal thinks it’s time to aim bigger with our resolutions, to step outside our comfort zones, and only make the resolutions we plan to keep.