4 Life-Changing Decisions Every Man Must Make


Every man has a choice to make. Will you truly live or simply exist?

5 Reasons Guys Should Not Wait for 65 to Live Life


If you don’t like the career you’ve chosen, then why are you wasting your years–that you’ll never get back–for an elusive dream that may never arrive?

Call for Submissions: Let’s Talk Man-to-Man


Gay, bisexual, pansexual, questioning, single, in any sort of relationship, we’re looking for you.

How Guys Can Talk About Money Without Being Sent to the Couch


They say experience is the best teacher. I disagree. I believe other people’s experience is the best teacher.

Identity is the Key to your Company Culture

Sue Funkhouser describes how to combine brand, leadership and collective to create a successful company culture.

8 Harsh Things Men Have to Fight Off When They Fail


There’s no better education than experience and real life. Once you realize this, you are unstoppable!

3 Simple Ways Guys Can Reach Their Goals


Guys can be productive and live the kind of life they want to live. How are you doing on your goals this year?

How to Love Your Side Business and Relationship at the Same Time


How to create a little balance between your life and your business without neglecting either.

The Moral Crisis of Firing an Employee

firing an employee

Greg Lhamon talks about the side of leadership many never see.

Try This Simple Trick To Build A High-Feedback Culture

Jody Gold explains The Golden Ratio needed to make your organization a high-feedback culture.

Four Lessons Midlife-Men, Yearning For Entrepreneur Success, Can Learn From First-Time Skiers


As a man in midlife, I’ve noted how you immerse yourself into mastering both the slopes, and your business practice determines when you will reach your professional pinnacle.

What a Thief Taught Me About Money


He knew it was a bad part of town and sure enough, his car was broken into. What he didn’t expect was the life-lesson that would come from a thief. — I’m “that guy” who will stop in the middle of a busy sidewalk to pick up a penny. To me, that’s easy money. To […]

7 Phrases that Kill Income and Business Growth


Your words can hurt. Has any of these phrases ever been said to you? — People spend so much time, money and effort on their business. Yet, blow opportunities with just a few words. There is a famous saying by Maya Angelou that says, people forget what you say, but remember how you made them feel. […]

How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids, Even If You’re Not An Entrepreneur


There are little things you can do to teach your kids what entrepreneurship means.  — I wasn’t raised as an entrepreneur.  My mom is a first generation Asian American nurse with traditional views. Even though my dad runs his successful law firm, he never sat me down to have “The Talk.” The Talk about Business, […]

5 Key Actions To Lead A Business Culture


Matt Auron discusses 5 key principals leaders should use to shape their culture.

Rotten Choices, Rotten Jobs

Quitting Your Job over Rotten Choices

Ken Goldstein looks at the trend of people taking crappy, short term jobs that don’t lead to anything better—and how that can change.