Get Emotional: Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Emotion in Business

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We emote — period — and business leaders who don’t appreciate this simple truth are going to have a hard time connecting with their teams, their colleagues, and their customers.

5 Things Entrepreneurs Need That Money Can’t Buy

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Make sure you’ve crossed these five things off the to-do list before approaching venture capitalist, applying for a business loan or crowd-sourcing funds.

5 Acronyms Entrepreneurs can’t Afford to Forget

Entrepreneurs Solve Problems

Keep these five acronyms in mind when doing business and you’ll be sure to stay in business.

The Only March Madness Should’ve Been Relentless Protesting

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Give college athletes, those whose backs March Madness are built on for example, their 40 acres and a mule.

Are We In a Stock Market Bubble? Curious Minds Want to Know

the new gold rush

Ken Goldstein gets asked once again whether we are in a stock market bubble. Here is his answer to everyone.

The Tough Road to a Trade Deal Between the US and Europe


When the EU-US summit kicks off in Brussels this week, the prospects of a new trade deal will be jostling for attention with events in Ukraine.

The Effect of a Suit on a Man


At a low time in his life, PK Kersey Jr. was given the gift of a suit. And that has made all the difference in the world.

Change Your Perspective on Failure by Seeing It as an Obstacle not an Option

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Everyone learns to walk and ride a bike, but some people, as they go through life, seem to find it harder to get back up after a fall

Dear RadioShack


Ken Goldstein loves the geeks and nerds at RadioShack. And he would hate to see the brand join the other tombstones in the Dead Brand Graveyard.

How to Make Public Service Into Customer Service

public service made customer service

Ken Goldstein believe public service organizations can improve. Here’s how.

Today I am Tired but I am Still a Husband and a Father

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Even after a long business trip Vaughan Granier knows that his family needs him to be present in the moment.

Faux Philanthropy Ain’t Fooling Me


Polly Chester is frustrated with the phony altruism orchestrated by trans and multi-national corporations.

Do You Speak MENglish or WOMENglish?

"Can we talk?"

Women cannot treat men as if they are just “hairy women” – and men should not behave as if women are prettier, softer, emotionally unstable, multi-tasking versions of themselves.

6 Things You Can’t Win (and How to Win Them)

5 things you cant win

Not everything is a contest, but you can always be a winner. Here’s how.

What Audiences Want in the Age of Twitter

Public Speaking Microphones

Audiences in the Age of Twitter aren’t like your father’s audiences. They want something more. To be effective in your job, you need to know how to give it to them.

Jobs, Sales and the Fishing Metaphor

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David Kaiser likes to fish. And he takes what he learns there and applies it to job seeking and sales.