5 Secrets Your GPS Can Teach You About Communication


Communication goes far beyond the words you say. Mastering this skill can benefit your relationships and life.  — Men often get a bad wrap when it comes to how and how often they communicate. It’s not a secret men use fewer words and speak far less often than women. But, to go so far as […]

Why You Should Stop Waiting and Take a Chance


If you’re sitting on the fence about chasing a dream, a fitness goal, a girl, traveling across the world, or starting that dream business–take a chance. — People claim perfection doesn’t exist. They state it’s only a fantasy. For a brief period back in college, I was witnessing perfection. I took life’s leftovers and lived […]

What Traveling Taught Me About Long-Term Success


Adventure, life lessons, and amazing experiences happened to this man through his travels. Here’s what he learned. — Spiritual growth and living in the moment—this is what I thought road trips were all about, but I never thought long-term success would be the main lesson learned. But in the past five days, I have gawked […]

How a “Plus One” Can Be Your Ticket to Success


You can be the “lone wolf” but you may be missing this important component to a success. — Like most days, I grab the mail out of the box out front and flip through it to find the “good” mail. My fingers touch a higher quality envelope addressed to me.  Catalyst John, your presence is […]

5 Reasons A College Degree Doesn’t Equal Success For Aspiring Entrepreneurs


With student loan debt at an all-time high, it’s to discuss a better way to freedom. — American colleges and universities need to wake up and smell the coffee. Have you ever heard a person utter the phrase, “If I could just go back to school” or “If I just had a degree” I could be […]

Three Reasons to Stretch Outside Your Comfort Zone


He sold everything and hit the road with his wife and one-year-old. He thought he was prepared for what happened next.

5 Simple Steps to Become a Well-Rounded Guy


There are a few ways you can stand out and live the kind of life most guys wish they lived. — We’re in an age of specialty, niche, and laser-focused targeting. Companies are paying top dollar for experts in their field, and social media lures us in with the promise of finding our tribe, the […]

3 Risks of Getting a Job for Men With Dreams


There is a meltdown in corporate America. Disengaged workers are starting to realize that they can be more. — I lived in this world for about ten years. I was aching for freedom and knew there was more. Witnessed people who’ve seem to have lost their spirit working only by what they feel is the right […]

6 Money Myths Guys Should Avoid Falling Victim To


Your goal may not be riches, but how nice would it be to enjoy freedom without financial stress?

How Losing My Business Made Me Feel Less Than a Man


At the lowest point in his life, he learned a lesson that led him to freedom. — Men have standards to uphold; many have something to prove, but when the bottom drops out, it can feel like your life is over. Memories of inadequacy became real again of always coming up short of my goals. […]

Easing Into Retirement


Enjoying life and eventual retirement are not about the pursuit of possessions. — “God rested and He wasn’t tired” Anonymous Sometimes change doesn’t come easy for us. Why? Our life can be viewed as a book with many chapters. I had a decision to make about when to retire from a position I had enjoyed. […]

When People Trump Everything Else


Who you have in your life affects what you do. Here are some keys to maintaining good relationships.  — Think about this for a moment–All relationships are not important. If all relationships are important, no relationship will be important. Leaders who genuinely care for people, consistently live out vision, and selflessly help others reach their […]

3 Ways to Be A Better Man at Work

Successful Business Meeting

If you’ve ever felt like your identity at work didn’t click with your identity outside of the office… here are some steps to help you be a better man at work (and at home).

How I Stopped Being Angry With My Employers


Angry with your company? You can quit or adapt. Here’s how to adapt.

Why the Most Successful People Have the Most F*cked Up Stories


It’s not that they’re looking for trouble, but pursuing the things they want in life puts them in some extraordinary situations.

The Greatest Enemy of Success is Mediocrity: A Lesson From LeBron James


In defeat, Lebron James taught a valuable lesson about your work and life. — That’s a level of honesty we rarely hear from superstar athletes. After the Cavaliers had lost game six and the NBA Finals championship to the Warriors, a reporter asked an exhausted and defeated LeBron James whether it’s all worth it or if he had satisfaction in the process. […]