“Hey, if we weren’t exploiting the poor bastards they would just be lying around in the dirt playing with their own feces so clearly sweatshops are a win-win situation!”

sweatshop new dehli photo by Ron Knight

Ira Israel wonders what it will take to get us to support ethical businesses.

Why Do Ambitious Women Have Flat Heads?

TED Talk Why do Ambitious Women Have Flat Heads?

Dame Stephanie Shirley is the most successful tech entrepreneur you never heard of.

Wouldn’t It Be Great If All Our Teams Were This Great?


How one amazing business trip and Matt Steven’s story changed the way I look at great teams.

Goodbye, PrePlay: When Failing Doesn’t Feel Like Failing


Did we fail? Maybe. But we created something awesome, and no one can ever take that away from us. It was one hell of a ride.

“Grow or Die” May Kill us All


Jody Gold discusses capitalism, imposter syndrome, and carbon emissions…and yes, they are all connected.

‘Think Different’ About Your Gender… and ‘Theirs’


Patty Beach and Robert Toennis speak on the concept of “Polarity Thinking”, and how it will help you to “Think Different” about gender issues in business.

Vaderize Your Management Style For A Surefire Shot At Failure


Shawn Henfling reveals a few mistakes new managers often make that can lead to abject failure.

I Am A Woman & I Counsel Men About Their Careers, This is What I’ve Learned About Men & Work

I am a woman who counsels men about their careers, by Ashley Michelle Fowler, photo by Flickr/HighwaysEngland

In my role as a career counselor, I am able to work with male-identified clients to debunk the idea that the only noble goals in career are wealth and material goods.

Integrity Is Vital, but Often Hard to Find, in the Corporate World


Personal integrity and corporate integrity aren’t always the same thing. Too often, people are forced to choose between their personal values and their company’s values.

Thrive in Chaos: Why Some People Just Aren’t Born to Work in an Office


Some of us just weren’t born to work in an office.

The Devil is in the Details: 4 Signs You’re a Big-Picture Thinker


Caitlin Gilbert explains the challenges of being a big-picture thinker.

Do You Care?


Going through the motions is not going to cut it. Ken Goldstein on how to be successful.

Surrender, Mindfulness & Entrepreneurship

business and soul

Running a business often is about sales, revenue, marketing, and the bottom line. But it can have soul too.

The Shadow Side of Organizational Culture


By bringing organizational shadows to light, an organization can make more conscious choices and exist in the world in a more dynamic, purposeful way.

You Need to be Able to Walk Away

walk away

In any kind of negotiation, your ability to walk away is your strongest tool.

How to Get Booked for a TED Talk in 5 Steps

Dale Thomas Vaughn, TED Talk, Photo by Eric Beteille

In 48 hours I’ll be speaking at TEDxSMU… and I’d like to share how this happened in case you are looking for your path to TED