How 5 Brief Minutes Totally Changed My Life

Five minutes equals making the deal happen. And altering the course of your life.

Hey Man, Will You Live Before You Die?

Life is short. Everyone has regrets. But more tragic than dying young, is dying with your song unsung.

6 Ways Guys Can Get in Touch With Their Feelings Through Writing

When you write to get in touch with your feelings, you help yourself to feel better emotionally, improve your brain health, and allow yourself to lead a more authentic life.

What Young Africans Want From Business Education Programs

A rising number of students are electing to stay in Africa to invest in solutions for its future. This has created a demand for business school education; the need is growing exponentially and already outstripping supply.

5 Ways Guys Can Set Themselves Up For Success as They Begin Their Career

Success is about more than doing your job.

Corporate America is Not On a Path to Gender Equality

New research released today… This is not good news for women, this is also not good news for business.

Want Real Change? The Shift Begins in the Middle

Tired of preaching to the choir or confronting your most vocal opponents and seeing no real change or impact from your efforts?
Maybe you are talking to the wrong people.

Climbing the Ladder of Inference with Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli as an example of understanding assumptions and suspending judgement to improve leadership and overall workplace effectiveness.

Not All Men Were Made Equal

Your life is waiting for you. There’s a whole world beyond what you see, and it’s calling you. Here’s how you can make a decision to create the life you truly love and deserve.

Why You Want More than a Lifestyle Business

Imagine how much better the world would be if everybody was living to their full potential, working on their legacy business instead of just existing as another cog in the great wheel.

To Read or Not to Read – the Guilt-Free Guide to Choosing

A simple system for feeding your mind what it needs most. — I used to feel guilty about all the books I haven’t read. I would walk into my home or college office and see all those unread books and feel like a loser. The same thing happened when I saw all the unread books […]

Endless Encores, An Excerpt: Let’s Get Down to Profits

People. Products. Profits. In that order. Ken Goldstein’s new book is a business parable that will show you how to repeat success in whatever you do.

3 Business Lessons I Learned from a Massage (Yes, a Massage)

Kingsley Grant finds that, even though a massage is as sexy as it sounds, there are still lessons to be learned from it.

Is Time Really Speeding Up or Are We Just Out of Control?

Three techniques to manage the increased pace of workplace life, and keep your sanity while doing it.

Endless Encores, An Excerpt: Without the Right Product Strategy, Brands Become Nostalgia

Yes, sequels can and should be a winner. Ken Goldstein’s book, Endless Encores, ensures that they will be. Here is an excerpt.

Are You Having A Bad Day? Really?

Twenty-eight years ago, in a moment I will never forget, I felt stupid for complaining about bad days that weren’t bad days. I felt fortunate to have Jock Fritz as my boss who very clearly showed me the difference.