Aydian Dowling Recreated More Iconic Photos Of Famous Hot Men

(Photo courtesy of Jon Premosch/BuzzFeed News.)

Aydian Dowling is making headlines as he brings attention to the transgender community in a comical yet purposeful manner.

8 Things Guys Supposedly Aren’t Supposed to Say

things guys aren't supposed to say

But WHY aren’t guys supposed to say this stuff?!

One Man’s Meme and the Divided Joy of Going Viral


Boston musician Christopher Brown tells us what life is like after 2.5 million YouTube Hits.

5 Dads Who Will Do Literally Anything to Make Their Daughters Happy


Parenting on lock.

Gay People Have Some Questions For You Straight Folks

questions for straight people

No, seriously, why do you care which one of us is the man?

A Guy Won A Free Vacation, But Couldn’t Take His Wife, So He Made A Hilariously Miserable Photo Album

sad photo album

Kevin Blandford clearly had a terrible time.

7 Real Guys Who Will Make You Believe In the Power of the Make-Over

manly make-overs

Mansformation at its finest.

6 Secret Insecurities Shared By Guys

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 3.49.53 PM

Men have a lot more self-esteem issues than you might think. All anonymous confessions courtesy of Whisper.

7 April Fool’s Day Pranks That Will Crack Your Kids Up


Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you have to act like one.

Men’s Standards of Beauty from Around the World

men_beauty pop

The look of “the ideal man” is changing. Is this a good thing?

Are These Really the Standards of Beauty for Men?


BuzzFeed’s examination of standards of beauty around the world has some interesting facts… but some notable exclusions, too.

What if You Asked MMA Fighters Adorable Questions?

UFC guys adorable question

Puppies or kitties? Beyonce or Taylor Swift? Your toughest MMA fighters battle out the cutest of all questions.

Things Guys Can Do That Women Are Secretly Jealous Of

buzz feed girls jealous guys

What if you could ask the women in your life what makes them jealous of you?

The 6 Types of Guy Friends You Have [video]


Do you know these guys? Are you one of them?

The ‘Try Guys’ Tried On Valentine’s Day Lingerie so You Don’t Have To

try guys valentine's day

Sometimes you just gotta see what it’s like.

Proof We’re Living in the Future

mars rover

Admit it. Some of this stuff is still pretty unbelievable.