Uber-Gate: Not Just a PR Gaffe

Ubergate by Viaggio Routard

Scott Lyon explains why an Uber executive’s threat to dig up dirt on journalists was more than just an unfortunate remark.

If Dudes Catcalled Dudes – Does This Video Make You Uncomfortable?

Men Greeting Men BuzzFeed

Does BuzzFeed get it right in this video where men greet other men the way men sometimes “greet” women?

5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Kids


Your words carry more weight than you realize.

Guys, Is This Really What You Expect of Women?

how to be the perfect woman

It’s funny because it’s sadly true. But are women any easier on men?!

9 Real-Life Photos of Real-Life Guys Proposing

doornbos proposal

All you need is love.

Relationship Lessons Learned from Horror Films [video]

relationship horror lessons

You know the rules. But did you know they’re useful for more than surviving the night?

Man Before Cat vs. Man After Cat [video]

man cat still

Once Man gives in to the urge and gets a cat, he’ll never be the same.

How to Be a Man: A Goofy Instructional Video

how to be a man buzz feed

Because “sawdust is man-glitter” after all.

The ABCs of Men’s Fashion

NBC/Saturday Night Live/Broadway Video

Just a few suggestions…

Weird Lies All Couples Tell Each Other* [video]


*unless you absolutely never lie to each other. About anything. Ever. Not even little things.

What If Straight People Had to Come Out? [Video]

stright people come out

In this video, BuzzFeed imagines the conversations if straight people had to come out.

How to Wake Up Better [video]


Raise your hand if you love waking up in the morning! Anyone? Yeah, me neither.

Weird Things Couples Do On Date Night

weird date night

Think you’re the only ones who spend more time getting ready than going out? Think again.

Questions You Were Too Afraid To Ask A Pregnant Woman, Answered

pregnant woman questions

Robyn Wilder of BuzzFeed decided to answer everything people wouldn’t ask.

Weird Things Couples Do on Movie Night [video]

weird couples movie night

Think you’re the only ones who fight over the popcorn and the pause button? Think again.

Wedding Photos That Prove Two Grooms are Better Than One


Double the suits, double the love. Sarah Karlan from Buzzfeed shares adorable photos of newlyweds.