6 Things Guys Should Avoid Wearing This Spring


We asked Fashion Bros hosts Lawrence and James to walk us through some of the must-avoid trends for the spring.

8 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You’re A Parent

Warner Bros. Pictures

Kids change everything.

Cleveland Indians #DeChief Their Gear By Removing Chief Wahoo

de chief

Cleveland Indians fans prepared for last night’s first game of the season by removing the racist Chief Wahoo mascot from their gear.

7 April Fool’s Day Pranks That Will Crack Your Kids Up


Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you have to act like one.

14 Strange Facts About Men (Video)


Learn 14 things about men that you might not already know (or want to know)

12 Things Every Self-Respecting Man Over 30 Should Own


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What Happens When You Replace the Women In Ads With Men?

BuzzFeed videos Are Doritos That Sexy

Commercials tend to show women in provocative poses no matter what product is being sold. What happens when you recreate them with men?

7 Incredibly Simple Things Guys Can Do To Look Better

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Simple but easy tips for being more socially pleasing.

7 Things Gay Guys Are Sick Of Hearing

Fresh Prince

“Oh my god, quit being so sensitive.”

The Cutest Video: Babies Discovering Things for the First Time

Cutest Thing Babies First Time

That blessed time when everything is new.

This is Why Jimmy Fallon May Be the Coolest Dad Ever.

Listen to Jimmy.

Not every Dad has his own TV show, but this one does, and he may win for Best Dad.

7 Pointlessly Gendered Products


Seriously? Mansize tissues? Are our noses really that much bigger?

12 Adorable Real Vintage Wedding Photos From the 1960s

vintage weddings lead crop

Retro weddings are so in right now, so why not take inspiration from the cuties that actually got hitched back when cat eye glasses and big hair were all the rage?

5 Urinals You Have to Pee In Before You Die

Flickr: 25092924@N08

The most unique urinals from around the world.

THE END IS NIGH: 13 Reasons Why Click-Bait Headlines Will Lead to the Apocalypse


If Andy Rooney were alive today, he’d spend “a few minutes” complaining about click-bait.

7 Things That Can Easily Ruin A Man’s Day

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Peeing and shaving are harder than you might think.