Thou Shalt Not Steal: BuzzFeed, Benny Johnson, and the Argument Against Plagiarism

Thou Shalt Not Steal by Don Hankins

A polemic against plagiarism—from the Ethics Editor of The Good Men Project.

8 of the Most Awesome Dads Ever


Fatherhood: you’re doing it right.

Men, Are You Dressing All Wrong?

men fashion buzzfeed

This fun little video from BuzzFeed actually contains some solid, stands-the-test-of-time advice for guys.

5 Things Lots of Guys Go Through When Getting Ready For a Date


Shaving. Lots of shaving.

What the World Would Look Like if Men Were Women [Video]


Comedy clubs. Magazine racks. Pictures on classroom walls. Things look a little different here.

Dad-spiration: 6 Inspirational Parents Who Are Winning At Life

These people are definitely on to something.

Do You Have a Spirit Animal Like James Rodriguez?

grass copy

Dillan DiGiovanni thinks this little green dude might be the spirit animal of James Rodriguez. Did you hear about the massive insect that landed on the Columbian soccer team’s member, James Rodriguez, right before he took a penalty kick in the game against Brazil? While the internet freaked out about the sheer size of it, according to this […]

5 Most Exhausted Dads Ever

tired dad

Parenting ain’t for the weak.

If Black People Said The Stuff White People Say (video)

black people said the stuff white people say

Seriously funny video reminds us how important it is to not say stupid stuff, even with the best of intentions.

Your Definitive Guide to World Cup Yells

AP Photo/Andrew Medichini

A survey of athletes at the top of their yelling game.

Things Dads Do That You Won’t See In Popular Culture


This is what today’s dads are really like.

6 Epic Men’s Room Fails

Pee for two.

As a Young Man, Do You Spend More Time Creating or Consuming?


There is risk in spending too much time consuming others’ works and missing out on the creation of something which advances our life or the world of those around us.

30 Thoughts Every Parent Has While Potty Training Their Kid


You thought potty training would be simple, didn’t you…

It Doesn’t Matter Which Disney Character Buzzfeed Thinks You Are

Disney Lineup

Kate Bartolotta thinks the Buzzfeed and Zimbio quizzes are silly fun, but it raises the question: do you know what you really are?

22 Movies Lots Of Guys Will Drop What They’re Doing To Watch


Even if it’s half way through and they’ve seen it 16 times before.