Bystander Effect: If You Need Help, You’d Better Ask For It

If you need help, you have to reach out to someone who can help you and specifically ask them for it.

Helping Those Who Help Others: How You Could Make a Difference in One Dad’s Life

Oren Miller has spent years tirelessly helping fathers online, but, due to a medical crisis, now he’s the one who needs assistance. Here’s why you should help.

Bystander Effect Could Have Cost My Friend His Life

Anne Thériault’s friend was nearly killed in a mugging, and nobody helped him. Here, some Do’s and Don’t’s for supporting a trauma survivor.

The Empathy Gap: Is The Golden Rule Failing Bullied Kids?

Teaching empathy is not enough, insists Eric Thompson of CivilSchools. We need to teach our kids to resist the Bystander Effect.

How to Stop Your Son From Being a Bystander to Bullying

Marie Roker-Jones explains that the real problem of bullying is the bystanders who do nothing to stop it.

Do Something: Human Trafficking & the Bystander Effect

Photographer Nannette Ricaforte on why she fights against human trafficking.

Rape Culture and Predator Theory

Heather N examines the ways in which rape culture is at work on rapists, as well as society as a whole and examines whether Predator Theory would cover the Steubenville rapists.

What Would You Do if You Walked Into a Murder in Progress? (Video)

Two men put in hidden cameras in an elevator to see if people would help a man in a life or death situation. How would you react?

See Something, Say Something: Should Bystanders Be Forced to Report Crimes?

In light of recent rapes where bystanders didn’t intervene, s.e. smith wonders whether witnesses should be prosecuted for doing nothing to stop a crime.

The Murder of Ki Suk Han: Should a Photo of a Man About to Die Be Considered Photojournalism?

In the wake of the brutal murder of Ki Suk Han, who died when pushed in front of a train, S.E. Smith examines the role of photojournalism in exploiting human suffering.

“He said, ‘Sorry, I am not feeling well’, crushed his glasses, and then lost consciousness.”

These are comments by Joanna Schroeder, Tamen, Marcus Williams on the post “On The Guy Who Left His Girlfriend and Kids in the Aurora Theater”.

Special Needs Boy Abused on School Bus, Why Didn’t Anyone Help?

Cooper Fleishman reports on the video of a special needs child being burned, screamed at and beaten up on a school bus, and wonders what could have been done to prevent such horrifying abuse.