The Answer to Your Question Is: “‘Cause No-One Gives a S**t.”

When in doubt, writes Kenny Bodanis, divide the world into two groups: Those who don’t give a s**t about you, and those who do.

TV: Bite Into The Trailer for True Blood Season Five

The hit cable series will be back soon, and we take a look at what’s coming in the new season.

Television: Take A Bite Out Of The True Blood Season Five Trailer

The new season of the hit HBO series is on the way, and we take a look at the trailer.

Science: Quantum Computers and A Quantum Internet Make The Digital Future Look Bright

There’s a whole new style of digital experience coming, and we take a look at its shiny future.

Television: Taking A Look Back At Eureka As Its Last Episodes Prepare To Air

The brilliant series soon comes to a close, but not before we take a look at what’s gone on so far.

Technology: You CAN Stop the Signal: Anchor Slows Down East Africa’s Access [@cijithegeek]

What is it with ships boldly going where they are not supposed to go? Captain Kirk wasn’t involved, but with these kind of shenanigans, it’d be easy to see how people could think it was his handiwork.

News: @HannibalTabu Talks Tech and Culture on Sunday Morning Live [@isidra]

Insert witty line about story here! What? No, *you* shut up, I have *not* had too much to drink!

Television: New Networks from Puff Daddy & Magic Johnson Televise The Revolution

Two big names are throwing their weight around the hope that you’ll tune in, and tune in often.