Sailing the Distance

Lauren Camp honors the creative accomplishments of a California man who also happened to be an illiterate immigrant.

Hundreds of Californians Rally Against Oil Trains

Oil trains are an environmental concern.

It’s Almost Like We Don’t Matter

Preventative maintenance has fallen through the cracks.

Why This Hatmaker Sets Fire to His $950 Felt Masterpieces

Nick Fouquet designs and builds custom headgear from raw materials. He makes each by hand, as requested by a client roster that includes celebrities like Pharrell and Anne Hathaway.

The Weekend I Learned About Racism First Hand

He went to California to attend a wedding and instead found racism. — Hungry from the plane ride from Hawaii to California I rush out of my motel hoping to find a diner, fast food restaurant, really anything that could satisfy the rumblings in my tummy. I didn’t pack much in the way of clothes since I had only […]

El Niño For President

It seems to be human nature to look outside ourselves for the answers to our problems. Pray for rain. Do a rain dance. Hope for the best. California has been in a severe drought for more than four years. We can no longer hope it will work itself out. We must rise up and take steps in our lives to be the change that we wish to see. Or, we can hedge our bets with this mantra: El Niño for President!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra In The Front Row

Celebrate the holidays by doing something that really matters. And don’t forget to turn up the volume.

My House was Empty

We appreciate the little things. And that makes all the difference.

This Guy is Always On a Roll

What makes a good, strong man? Barbara S F Davis sits down with California native and local hero Lynn Murray to answer that question.

California Cracks 10,000-Megawatt (MW) Solar Capacity Mark

California is showing the world how to create clean energy jobs and protect the environment.

An Artist’s Alternative to the Keystone Pipeline

Too much snow on one coast. Not enough water on the other. And an artist sees an opportunity.

California’s Governor Brown Orders Historic 25% Water Cuts

California’s extreme drought calls for extreme measures.

Meandering Through the Desert of Life

About a two-and-a-half-hour drive east of Los Angeles along the Twentynine Palms Highway, a tiny intersection brings you to the town of Joshua Tree, population 7,414.

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Anti-Vaccine Parents

Dr. Amy Tuteur explains why medical science will never change the minds of anti-vaxxers.

It’s Time for the U.S. to #Lead on Leave

The U.S. is the only developed nation without mandated paid maternity leave for women. Do we need to say more?

There Are Only Two Kinds of Dads—Chickens or Pigs

Tor Constantino thinks good dads should be more like pigs than chickens.