Why We Run: At The Quarter Pole

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Last month we started the ‘Why We Run’ series. We’ve had some extraordinary submissions. And we are looking for more.

Attention Writers: We Want More Great Sex … and Relationships Content

S&R call for submissions

Call for Submissions: Love, Sex, and Relationships

Call for Submissions: “What I Want My Son to Know About Love”

What I Want My Son to Know About Love

Moms of boys, what do you want your son to know about love?

Call for Submissions: Inspiration Unpacked

bob marley

Got a favorite quote that fires you up, keeps you off the ledge, and moves you forward? Share it with us!

Join the Conversation: Write for Us!


The Good Men Project is looking for your stories. We want your submissions on what you know, what you’ve learned, and your experience of being a man in the 21st century.

Call for Submissions: Remember That Time…Holidays

remember when

We want your stories! You don’t have to have a novel in your head, just a memory or two to share.

Education Call for Submissions

first day of school

Introducing The Good Men Project’s newly appointed education editor, Christian M. Lyons, and his call for submissions.

Call For Submissions: From The Front Lines … Of Sports

Red Bulls - GMP

We want to hear your stories of your personal experiences at live sports events!

Call for Submissions: Gratitude


What are you grateful for?

Call for Submissions: Does Emotion on the Job Cost Men Opportunities?

interview suit

We want your stories. Has emotion on the job kept you or other men from being hired, promoted, or trusted?

Are We Adequately Preparing Our Boys and Young Men for Their Future?


GMP has a new Education Editor, and he’s interested in your submissions.

100 Words on Love is Back, and We Want Your Love

heart's blood

An open call: Tell me what you love.

Call for Submissions: Long-Form Articles


Have a story that you can’t fit in just a few paragraphs? Good, we are looking to share your long-form writings.

Tired of Business as Usual? Be the Voice of Change!

business as usual

Have something to say about men in business? The Good Men Project is taking submissions.

Calling Men for Submissions on Marriage and Commitment

man and marriage

Men aren’t usually prominent in conversations about marriage and commitment. Join GMP in changing that.

Why I Write – We Want to Publish Your Story


Do you write for yourself, or for an audience? Do you write to tell a story, or to change the hearts and minds of men? This is a call for submissions — your chance to tell the world why you write.