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The New Yorker’s loss is The Good Men Project’s gain! Send us your rejected poems!

Dear Men, If You Could Write, Tweet, or Talk to Your Younger Self, What Would You Say?

letter to me

GMP invites you to participate in a multi-media experience where you can share anything you want with your younger self.

April Call for Submissions: The Month of the Military Child

military father, military child, month of the military child, April, armed forces, military,

Are you a military child with a story to tell? We want YOU!

What Makes Married Sex So Special?

wedding, marriage, sex, relationships

The editors of the Marriage section want to hear from you about married sex.

Guyhood Relaunch & Call for Submissions

guyhood, guys, college, transition, identity, workforce, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four

“Take note 18-24 year olds, the Guyhood section has returned. Help The Good Men Project define your experience.”

Call for Submissions – Senior Men

Senior men, join the conversation!

The Good Men Project wants to hear from senior men.

Call for Submissions – Gay, Bisexual, Trans* Men

Come as you are. Tell us your story.

The Good Men Project wants to hear from gay, bisexual, and trans* men.

Submissions Call: Desperately Seeking Soulful Content

man on ledge2

What does it mean to be a spiritual man in the 21st century? Let’s have that conversation.

Call for Submissions: Marriages From Outside the Gender Mainstream

Marriage Equality, gender neutral, marriage

The relationships we have with our spouses are important—too important to leave anyone out of the conversation.

Call for Submissions: What Does it Mean to Be a Teen Guy in the 21st Century?

What Does It Mean to Be a Teen Guy in the 21st Century

Raising Boys Editor, Marie Roker-Jones is calling on guys, 14-17 years old, to talk about what it means to be a teen in the 21st Century.

Call for Submissions: Against Stereotypes

Photojournalist by day, GreenMan Viking by weekend.

JJ Vincent is looking for a bunch of Good Men with a bunch of Good Stories.

Call for Submissions From the New Marriage Editor

couple, marriage, married couple, being together, companion, partner, friends

Ben Martin, the Good Men Project’s new marriage editor, introduces himself and asks for your thoughts on Marriage.

Call for Submissions: What Shaped Your Values?

Call for Submission What Shaped Your Values Photo by Redrock Junction

Our new Ethics & Values editor wants to hear about the people and events that have influenced and inspired you to be the man you are today.

What Do You Love? A Call for Submissions in Only 100 Words

magic misspelled

Can you tell a whole story about love in only 100 words? An open call for submissions.

100 words on Heroes 12/22: A Call For Submissions


Call for Op-Ed submissions: 100 words on heroes/heroism.

The Good Life is Looking for You


Orin J. Hahn has something he wants to share with you about “The Good Life.”