Add Your Voice to the Changing Perceptions of Men and Masculinity

Lend us your words. We talk every day about the personal growth of men, the societal pressures on men, how the world is changing as it reflects on the male identity, and how men evolve and help change the world.

Call for Submissions: How Do You Get What You Need?

When you don’t have the means to provide for yourself or your family, it’s no longer a man’s world.

Call for Submissions: How Do You Respond to Negativity?

As life throws curveballs and staggering headlines flood the media more than ever, GMP wants to know how you respond to negativity.

Call for Submissions: Hot or Cold, Homemade or Take Away?

How do you serve up social justice?

Call For Submissions: How Do You Keep Your Head Above Water?

We are living in rapidly changing times, unwritten social rules are constantly being challenged, structural discrimination is exposed more each day.

Your Words, Your Pictures, Your Stories

The Good Men Project wants your voice. Here’s a round-up of some of our recent calls for submissions.

Call for Submissions: Male Toughness

Do men need toughening up, or are we tough enough already?

Call for Holiday Articles

Have a funny, interesting or insightful article about marriage and the holidays? Tell us about it!

My Not So Secret Vice

It’s not exactly criminal. So why do you hide the source of your joy?

Open Thread: What’s Your Freedom Story?

There are two kinds of freedoms: Freedom “to” and freedom “from” … What’s your freedom narrative?

What Every Man Should Know… About Style: 6/29

If the clothes don’t make the man, do they at least signal what kind of man wears them?

Drop Out Success Stories: 6/15

Did you leave school for success? Tell us your story.

What Every Man Should Know… About Cooking: 6/8

Do you know the way to your own heart? Men who cook and write wanted.

When Bad People Do Good Things: 5/25

Sometimes, what makes us do evil is easier to understand than the reasons why we choose to do good.

Do Not Attempt: 5/18

There’s always some new stunt teenage boys are threatening their lives to perform … what stupid thing have you considered doing?

Sleepovers: 3/30

Slumber party! A call for submissions.