White House Education Official David Johns Sparks the #TeachTheBabies Movement


Marcus Bright calls for action in educational reform.

Man Rents Billboards to Publicly Shame Distracted Drivers in San Francisco

texting while driving

Brian Singer, a San Francisco-based designer and employee at a well-known social media company, decided to take the problem of texting-while-driving into his own hands, creating his own anti-texting campaign.

A 2 Minute Video on the Change that Non-Violent, Caring Fathers Can Make


Empowering fathers to raise daughters and sons. Equally.

I Just Realized My First Boss was My First Mentor

Norris Barnes

It wasn’t until I started telling my mentee the things my boss told me, that I realized how influential my first employer was.

Paying it Forward: I’m Still a Mentee but now I Mentor.

2-DJ Reeey with Mentee

I didn’t realize I was being mentored until I began to see how I played a role in other young people’s lives.

Attorney Urges Voters Not to Re-Elect Philly’s First Black DA

Coard at TM Rally2

Disappointed by the actions of District Attorney Seth Williams, Michael Coard, a prominent Philadelphia lawyer, suggest that tax-payers vote for Daniel Alvarez this Tuesday, November 5th, in the General Election.

The Ballad Of Carlos Danger: The Tragedy Of Anthony Weiner And Damage To The Progressive Agenda

3669909702_f50e94623a_b (1).jpg

Alex Yarde argues in favor for Anthony Weiner’s politics, but maintains the biggest challenge to his campaign turns out to be “Carlos Danger” himself.

The Institute for Compassionate Leadership

Alex Okrent

Lodro Rinzler recalls his friend Alex Okrent, and how his life inspired the creation of the Institute for Compassionate Leadership

1BlueString—An Awareness Campaign from 1in6


Are you a musician? Here are four ways that you can help us raise awareness about men who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Blackmail in the Digital Age


How would one conduct blackmail in the digital age, in which the idea of an ‘original copy’ is meaningless? Carl Pettit considers this theoretical dilemma.

Fellatio and the End of the World


Mark Sherman connects the dots of how a beautiful act may have doomed our species.

Your Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign Probably Isn’t Helping Me

domestic violence

Why is it that the majority persists on making violence a gender issue? And how does showing that women can also be violent and abusive somehow soften the horror of any act of violence by a man?

Health: Storm of the X-Men Wants Ladies To Check Themselves for Breast Cancer

Mutants, irradiated lawyers and super heroes alike all feel strongly about women’s health, which is no joking matter.