Bites and Rashes: Things to Avoid While Seeking Outdoor Adventures


This summer, protect your body’s biggest organ… your skin.

5 Spring Cleaning Chores for the Outdoorsman


Get your gear ready now for summer outdoor adventures

Full Moon, White Sands


The late poet Reginald Shepherd called Kenny Fries “a poet of the luminous moment and the luminous landscape,” a title Fries more than lives up to in this poem.

Why I’m Okay with Dad Missing the Big Things

chess 588

My husband may miss the “big things”, but the little things he does may be even bigger.

“The Season of Rain is Coming. Hold out Your Hand.”

Rain VinothChandar:Flickr

The right gear and the right attitude help prepare you for the season of fall doldrums.

The One Log Bonfire


Summertime means camping, and camping means bonfires.

A Gathering of Men

A 2013 gathering

Rick Sweeney shares how men’s gatherings became an important part of his life.

Gay Dad: Do As I Say, Not As I Did


John Jericiau of The Next Family wants his sons to have adventures…just maybe not the kinds he had.

What The Kings of Summer Can Teach Us about Becoming Men


The Kings of Summer holds a powerful lesson for men young and old alike, one that Christian Clifton hopes more will realize before it’s too late.

A Man’s Guide To Buying The Perfect Christmas Gift, Without Costing The Earth

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10 Christmas gifts to save the planet and maybe some money too…

How to Keep the Wild in your Child (Without Losing it Yourself)

mountains and lake, kids not included- by celebdu-flickr

One young couple explains how having kids didn’t mean the end of their adventures



As I try to cement my memories, the death of my father creeps through summer

A Tent that Held an Entire Universe Inside: On Camping Together and Getting Lost

A tent that held an entire universe inside

Mike Grant searched for Viking treasure while camping with his own dad, and wishes to impart the same sense of adventure to his sons.

Put the Canoe in the Paddle


In this installment of “Love, Recorded,” the baby turns terrible two, Minnie Mouse is the new Gangnam Style, and nature defies nature.

The Next Life [Book Excerpt: 100 Tricks Every Boy Can Do: How My Brother Disappeared]


My brother Bret started the next life at forty, when he departed from this world by suicide.

Lost in the Wilderness


Destinations are the goal, but often getting lost is what the journey is all about.