The Truth About My Father

After his father died, Miles Protter discovered he had a secret life and wished his dad had shared these stories with him.

Feminist Man Strikes Yoga Pose–Just Like His Father Before Him

The Good Men Project loves good men at work.

What it Looks Like to Hike from Mexico to Canada

Apparently the six month-long trip is plenty of time to learn to play the ukulele, which you can hear YouTuber Skoop Boys playing in the background of his video.

Canada For President

Americans, Canada is your best Candidate for the next election!

Is Lagging On Climate Change A Political Liability?

Do the abrupt changes in Canadian and Australian leadership signal that anti-climate stances increasingly make bad politics? And, are there broader lessons we can learn for next year’s US presidential election?

Shane Koyczan—on His New Album, Handling Criticism, and the Better Self

“You aren’t meant to be indestructible. You’re meant to build a better self, using what you can salvage from every time you’ve been destroyed. This album is an exploration of that sentiment, right down to the use of the semicolon in the album artwork.” – Shane Koyczan, on the title of his new album Debris […]

Good Men Project Live Storytelling Event—Meet You At The Gate

Edie Weinstein tells a story about her parents, now gone, and the special way they had of connecting.

Statistical Dead Zones. Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

When given a choice will we choose to make the extra effort?

Overcoming Unexpected Stage Fright

When Edie Weinstein took the stage to tell a story, she wasn’t prepared to be afraid. Here’s how she got through it.

Heads Up, Guys: Helping 840K Men Fight Depression

How do we best help the thousands of men who suffer from depression? Alison Tedford discovers a first-of-its-kind website that aims to do just that.  — Depression can be hard to spot through the walls of any thick “Man Box”—that harmful bundle of stereotypes about how men “should” feel and act that reinforce that asking […]

Changes in Sex Ed Curriculum: Playboy’s Dr. Jess Schools the Board

What should our children be learning about sexuality and their bodies? Alison Tedford interviews sexologist Dr. Jess about changing attitudes and curriculum. — Controversial changes to curriculum about the birds and the bees has parents in Ontario, Canada buzzing. I interviewed Dr. Jess O’Reilly, a sexologist from Toronto, on the topic. The controversy began with […]

Viral Video Spoofs the Most Popular Sport in the World

See why both fans and non-fans of soccer around the world are cheering for the greatest fictional goalie of all time—Scott Sterling.

Feeling Like a Bad Dad: The Dads & Families Podcast Episode 56

Sometimes, you just feel a bad parent. But that doesn’t mean its true.

Meet a Muslim Family Campaign Aims to Bridge Gaps

What if we could stomp out Islamophobia in the West by helping people become friends? A new campaign is giving it a shot.

Inspiration Unpacked: What Can 2 Teenage Boys Do About Bullying?

Bullying makes losers of us all, unless we invest in solidarity. #PinkShirtDay honors how two teenage boys did just that.