Men, Aggression, and Disease

Angry Man

Can aggression in men lead to disease and inhibit recovery from life-threatening diseases?

Healing Cancer with Aloha

hawaiian sunset

How ancient Hawaiian wisdom can help heal a modern epidemic.

The Ever Evolving Purpose of Man


With technological advancements in the medical field booming, man has more reason than ever to thrive and find purpose.

Three Ways to Not Get Stuck in Post-Divorce Quicksand

3 Ways to Not Get Stuck by Jenny Kanevsky

How Jenny Kanevsky reframed her thinking after divorce.

How I Learned the 4 Keys of Friendship

How I Learned by Ken Banks

Patrick Sallee learned how to be a great friend from a friend he’s sadly about to lose.

Is Marriage A Good Investment?

Money matters.

Dr. Steve does a cost benefit analysis of being married and discovers some surprising results.

Men, Self-Hatred, and Cancer

angry man

What cancer can teach us about the changing roles of men in society.

When Abused Women Speak Out, Men Listen


Not enough male victims come forward about sexual abuse and violence, so we listen to the voices of women for guidance.

Raising Boys with Cancer

Fishing With Sons

How a cancer diagnosis can help to raise happy, healthy boys.

What if Addicts Received Effective Treatment Instead of Prison Time?


The war on drugs, poor treatment programs, and the social stigma of addiction have caused an epidemic of suffering among young addicts and their families.

Your Children Will Benefit if You Create a Council of Dads

council of Dads

How many men does it take to raise a child?

Strongest Man at the YMCA


After his wife dies from cancer, this father of three teenage boys proves strength doesn’t lie in power, money, or job titles.

5 Tips For Supporting a Friend Who Has Cancer


As an Oncology Nurse Practitioner, cancer has become a normal part of Nancy’s daily life. Here are her tips to help support a friend who has cancer. — It’s hard to turn on the tv, open a magazine or look at your online news browser these days without reading about the latest celebrity to be […]

Hope Is a Good Breakfast — 3 Tools to Help You Through Hard Times


At thirty-two years old, Tara Shuman started the long journey of accepting the harsh and liberating reality — that no one’s life, including her own, would last forever. We cannot control the way in which we die, but we can control how we live.

Are Your Attitude and Commitment Holding You Back?


You can’t hold your hand out and simply ask for great things to happen. You need to take success for yourself no matter what obstacles may appear, and let’s be clear; they will appear.

5 Ways To Help Your Woman Kick Cancer’s A**


Five medical providers told her it most likely was not cancer. On April 21, her life changed forever. — You have a wonderful home, a beautiful family, and an excellent job. You work hard during the week and play even harder on the weekends. You take fabulous vacations or just hunker down to watch a […]