When Cancer Was the Easy Part

Sometimes life is not just facing a simple challenge. Sometimes it is more than one. Kevin Hall shares his fight with cancer, while bipolar disorder tied his emotional hands.

Your Immune System and Vitamin C: A Man’s Best (Cancer-Fighting) Friend

New cancer research could mean less-invasive treatment is on the horizon.

Baby, We Were Born to Run—and Heal—and Live

The best, most memorable lyrics can take on new meaning as we run through life.

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Making Your Life Suck Proof and Beyond, The Roman Way

Reflections From the Son of a Stoic on the Possibility of Loving Every Moment of Your Life

Symptoms and Risk Factors for Male Breast Cancer

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End Game: Life in Simulation

When a video game mirrors the struggle of a young girl and her dying father, she thanks the creators in a beautiful, unexpected way.

When My Father Died I Had “Daddy Issues.”

Ilana Masad opens up about her father’s death. When I was fifteen years old, my father found out he had Stage IV lung cancer. He’d been wheezing on our weekly walks to his mom’s place for a while and coughing more than usual, so we all knew something was wrong, just not how wrong it […]

How Losing One of My Balls Made Me More of a Man

They seem to symbolize the strength of a man. Hugo Toovey found out that losing one, actually made him stronger.

A Sister’s Death, A Brother’s Pain

Pain from death is an open wound that constantly bleeds.

A Boy’s Dream: On Uncertainty, Hope and Reaching Out

What makes a man human? A young cancer patient reaches out to Dwayne Johnson for inspiration, but what he gets in return is priceless.

The Great Georgian Snuff Debate

The history of tobacco and its negative health effects.

One Man Asks 5 Women This Question: ‘What is the Nicest Thing Your Husband Has Done for You?’

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My Brother, My Hero

He was her hero long before they lost their other two brothers, but now he is even more so.

The Only Elephants in This Room are Under My Skin

Having survived Stage IV Melanoma and 98 Brain Tumors, Leland Fay wants to talk about the “pink elephants” he’s encountered along the way.

Popping Pills And Other Normalities

I don’t want to die a miserable death. Who wants that slow, painful death? I don’t want cancer. I don’t want emphysema. I don’t want heart failure. I don’t want COPD.