Death Penalty: Is Capital Punishment Morally Justified?

A 2010 poll by Lake Research Partners found that a clear majority of voters (61%) would choose a punishment other than the death penalty for murder. So why is this punishment still an option?

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Does this execution, ill at ease with India’s religious and cultural heritage erode India’s moral worth?

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Very quietly, the death penalty in the United States is disappearing.

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When do we let the healing begin?

Death Penalty Report Cites Value of Taping Interrogations

A report advocating death penalty reforms finds that false confessions in capital cases can be limited by recording the questioning of suspects.

Texas Fights To Execute Man on Death Row Due To Discredited Doctor’s Testimony

Dr. George Denkowski was found to have relied on scientifically unproven methods to deem inmates fit for execution, sometimes relying on offensive stereotypes about the poor.

America’s Death Penalty: A Story of Innocence & Ignorance

The point to this thing, if there is one, is dulled and should be discarded

Should Terry Williams Die For Murdering His Abuser?

Terrance “Terry” Williams is scheduled to die October 3rd, but has been granted a hearing to show evidence that the prosecutor withheld evidence that WIlliams’ victim had violently raped him the night before the murder.

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If the unimaginable occurred, would you support the death penalty?

Sandusky, The Death Penalty and Goodness

Dr. Brian Stout responds to calls for the death penalty for child sexual offenders, and encourages us, as a society, to hold on our goodness in the face of such evil.

Talking Myself Out of Murdering Jerry Sandusky

Joanna Schroeder attempts to examine the death penalty objectively, despite the visceral and powerful desire to exact revenge against child sexual abusers.